Buying a stick in Japan?

Hey, I’m an avid pad-player, but quite horrible with sticks, however, since I moved to japan, well… doesn’t seem like I have a choice anymore, so I’ve been looking around for a good stick.

Now, usually I’d just make my own, since there’s lots of info on that here. Sadly, I don’t have any equipment, and I don’t plan on getting any, since I’m pretty sure that would violate my dorm rules.

The only thing left then is to buy one.

I’ve been looking through all the stickied threads and I found this nifty map of akiba in one of them:
I’m just wondering if any of you guys would recommend one of those shops over the others, since if it can be avoided, I’d rather not check them all out myself :expressionless:

It’d be nice if I could get a USB stick compatible with PC and 360 since I play a lot of MBac and I’d like it to be compatible with the 360 for when the console vers. of SF4 are released.

See you in the arcades :woot:

i’m not sure where it is, but ask the people in the japan thread. they would know better than tech talk

360 controllers should be PC compatible unless they are doing something very funky.

Um… ok, sure, where is the Japan thread then? :3

Looked in the forum overview, but can’t seem to find it :expressionless:

And there was a post about a month or so ago about someone asking where shops were in Japan and then some people posted up pictures or areas and stuff like that. I think its here in tech talk and you can search for it. Just go to each page and use CTRL+F and put japan till you find the one that is about buying parts in Japan.

Kudos for the link to the japanese thread!
However, I scanned all the titles here in tech-talk for “japan” and didn’t find anything except this one of course…

I suppose I’ll just have to look through all of them small shops in akiba, I mean, looking in itself can be fun too. Would’ve been great to cut down the searchtime though, if even by a little :wink:

I have tomorrow off, so I’ll start then, ty for the replies.

maybe TheRealNeoGeo can help you,