Buying a Stick in the UK


I’ve looked around a lot for information on sticks and SRK has some great information on which stick to buy. So I decided from the information I’ve read I’d finally invest in a stick (x360 platform) so I can up my game and attend local Leeds fighting events. I set my budget as £180 ($286 according to google) and I really wanted a Madcatz TE S - or any TE model really, although I’ve heard bad things about the PCP’s prior to TE S. Just something that’s straight forward and I don’t need to delve into modding/replacing parts with.

But the internet is making it so difficult to purchase a stick in the UK. Amazon seems to have next to no sticks available (I did find a Madcatz TE 1st Round for £500…no ta), same with Ebay and any official websites I try to access like Madcatz or Eightarc have no stock or are selling a very limited selection of sticks.

I was just hoping if there were any sites I’m missing that sell sticks - even if outside of the UK, I’m good with it as long as it’s within my budget and they ship to UK. (Amazon US has a lot of products that don’t ship internationally despite what the site says). So! Any help guys? Would be appreciated!

#2 carries Qanba (as far as I know, Eightarc are just rebranded Qanba’s), and separate parts if you want to build your own. you can let em make a custom one, still within your budget if you don’t go crazy on the options. Ships in all Europe.


TE’s are at a premium in the UK if you want them new, but typically go for £80-£100 second hand.

ArcadeWorld UK are a good source for Sticks and Sanwa/Seimitsu parts. Use them a fair bit. Limited in what you can get, but that’s UK for you.

Fightstick Pro is £122 on Amazon. Free UK delivery.

Streetfighter X Tekken sticks are often cheap on there too.

Ebay and Amazon are my main other sources for new sticks in the UK.
High street stores like Game sometimes have them in-house but never seen them in stock on their site.
CEX often undersell their second-hand ones, they’re probably considered a niche item in there.


Thanks a lot guys, I’ll take a look.

Oh and yeah I noticed the Mad Catz Fightstick Pro, just wasn’t sure about it. Wanted to see if I could find any alternatives, that stick seems to be the easiest Mad Catz product to buy in UK in fact. Also, yeah I had a gander in some high street stores and haven’t had any luck, although I saw a pretty old and worn out Mad Catz SE stick in CEX but I decided not to get it.

And it’s weird Eightarc’s website has stock when I visit the site but then other times I visit, it says every stick is out of stock and it just keeps changing. Weird…maybe it’s something browser related on my end but anyway, thanks!


This on Ebay right now

Doesn’t have a Street Fighter logo on it, but it’s a MadCatz TE nontheless.
The Soul stick also has a nice, 2-tone translucent case, so looks purdy too.


Tech talk would be a better place to ask this (in the QA thread).

That said, if you can’t find a TE for £50 on ebay go to (CEX’s website), search for hori, madcatz and mad catz and filter the results as “available to buy online”. TE for £25, for instance.

No problem at all, don’t mention it.


great deal, but ps3 doesn’t work on all pcs (most of them though, and if your pc doesn’t detect it, I think motionjoy would fix that).


There’s precious little reason to ever look at Amazon for sticks, the sellers live in their own little dream world.

But there’s far from a drought in the UK, as a long term user of eBay they come up regularly and MadCatz have some good sales on every now and again which include free postage. There is no way in Hell you should even come close to your budget of £180 when looking for a decent quality 360 stick.

Personally I’d get a Wii U Fightstick from the MadCatz store for £42 and then mod it to work on 360 or whatever else.


Yeah I was about to say that. I think you’d need to make a USB cable for it also. Just have to buy a USB extension cable and cut off the female end.


I dont know how cost effective it is for you, but I have had to buy from UK due to Australia (Not only do we dodge spiders, shit is expensive)

I found this
I dont know how good that one is, check out reviews in the Sticky post. again

Also has a lot of stuff to offer.
Amazon UK has always been way way cheaper than US amazon for me. Not sure why.

Sorry this is brief i am at work, and could not do a proper search.

Almost forgot: Check the stickies for info on those sticks , and dont forget you have one of the worlds best stick builders in the UK. It might be really cost effective to get a x1 from him.


Damn, thanks guys. I don’t wanna fiddle with any equipment so I’d rather just get a straight up 360 stick. Thanks for the links I never knew about - although at first glance, that seems way over my budget lol.


You dont wanna fiddle with your equipment O_O

get a Madcatz fightstick pro from amazon dude and dont look back :wink: