Buying a stick, need some advice!

Ok its been a while since I’ve played in an arcade, along while! I own these systems(PC,Xbox,360,PS2,) and I am a die hard beat 'em up fan. I play third strike too much, I really want to get an arcade stick to improve my game. So the questions I need answering are:

1.If you could recommend an arcade stick for each system, which system has the best range of sticks?
2.Which sticks are the best?
3.What price would these usually be and where can I buy them?

If anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly! :wgrin:

  1. Question is kind of confusing, but the PSX/PS2 has the best range of sticks.
  2. Custom built ones.
  3. Trading Outlet on SRK, and price depends on the builder, parts used, and whatever extra bells and whistles you want on it.

An Xbox360 Stick would work for both the PC and Xbox…as for the Playstation ones, PS converters are easy to get.

There are a lot of sticks to choose from - the cheaper factory ones (Tekken sticks and HRAPs) to the multiple hundred dollar custom built ones.

$200 and you have a solid wood stick for life, at least thats around my price. Playstation platform is the way to go, unless you really need 360 support. All other consoles, there are adapters readily available.

T5 stick is good to begin with, but will eventually feel dated. HRAP is the next choice up, then custom stick. IMO custom stick is the way to go, ;), but I am bias as hell, hahahahaha.

Ok thanks guys! I will take a look at that thread! Thanks for the advice