Buying a stick, question about the SF4 TE


Well, recently I have been feeling the urge to pick up a stick and have asked around (elsewhere) about what I should go for. Based on the answers it seems like most people would recommend the Mad Catz SF4 TE. And while I can certainly see why, it sounds like a damn nice stick, I’m somewhat cautious. Been reading up on it and the impression I got is that it seems prone to PCB issues which has me somewhat worried. Especially since I’ll have to import it.

So I thought I should ask the experts about how real an issue it actually is.


Which system are you looking to get a stick for?

The PCB issues have been with the 360 version and have primarily been limited to the LT and RT buttons going out. Keep in mind that this is a fairly low occurance as not every 360 TE owner has had this problem arise.

Personal experience though: 2 of the 360 TE’s I’ve modded for friends had the Trigger buttons go out in them.


For the 360, just as my luck would have it :wink:


Well, I solved the issue by deciding against the TE and ordered a HRAP EX-SE instead, thanks anyway though!