Buying a SuperGun


I’ve been looking into buying a supergun to play CPS2/3 Jamma boards. The thing is I don’t know much about them and I was wondering if anyone on here had any information.


Its called a search function, this forum has one, others have one, there also Search Engines such as Google

But don’t worry I did your job for you, make sure you read all the information from the links before before asking any more questions on the subject.
Jamma Nation X - Tutorials
SuperGun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I’ve looked through most of that stuff before posting but don’t worry, your condescending advice will not go unappreciated. I’ll rephrase.

Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who sells Superguns, Jamma boards, and kickharnesses? Specificaly CPS2/3.


Try the Trading Outlet or Find a Modder who willing to fabricate you one.
There also a few on eBay, but those aren’t cheap