Buying a Third Strike Machine

Say one wanted to buy a third strike machine, or check for used ones that people might be selling (other than ebay), where would one look? I started looking the otherday and couldn’t find any machines on sale newer than SFA3, but then again, I didn’t know where to look. (Where to buy the boards is acceptable to.)
Thanks for the information.

Hmmm I don’t believe there were ever any dedicated arcade cabinets for 3rd strike. Your best bet would be to buy a cheep wood cabinet from craigslist and then just buy the art and the cp3 board. It will not be cheap though and the cps3 hardware is super fragile. For info about arcade hardware check For selling or general arcade collecting info check and the forum over on Good luck

you’ll have to buy a jamma cab and the cps3 system

TBH just use a computer with emulated 3s… it’s the exact same and lets you use thousands of other games too. With a lil modding you can use a dreamacst too.

as said above, just look around and be diligent about it.

CPS3 hardware isnt really all that fragile, kind of a misconception about it really. The only thing that is at any risk of being problematic is the security cartridge which is not even really that big of a deal so long as they are handled correctly and properly cared for. Ive heard people talk about anti static bracelets and all this and in my experience handling alot of CPS3 games Ive not had those kinds of problems and issues.

Emulation is a good alternative if you dont want to spend the money, but personally I prefer the arcade board over the MAME styles. Not slagging it at all, I have it on my computer.

this guy has gone through like 50 3s boards. not fragile my ass.

hahaha. 53 to be exact.

speaking of which, just got a new one man, come through this sunday if you got a minute.

Please can anybody explain that “suicide” thing about CPS3 boards?

IMO the suicide battery was basically just a means for capcom to get more money from arcade ops by fitting a lithium battery in the PCB/security carts that would die after 5 years or so. After dying the board would need to be sent to Capcom to get repaired, which they would of course charge for. But since capcom USA has closed, getting US boards repaired is not even an option. So the battery needs to be changed with a fresh one before it dies in order to keep the data intact.

CPS2 boards can be revived (phoenixed) since it has been for some time succesfully dumped and emulated, primarily by a guy named Raz in finland or something. CPS3 boards as of yet cannot be, but it is really only a matter of time until these also can be revived or rewritten since the hardware itself was recently succesfully dumped.

Dont get me wrong CPS3 is more sensitive then say CPS2 stuff, but honestly proper handling and getting the battery swapped in time is really the only worries. I had one cart die while getting the battery changed and another die from a shotty modification on the security cart.

Thanks for the help guys. I suppose I am a little biased towards getting my hands on the actual cps3 third strike hardware than emulation. I am guessing here since no one mentioned it, but third strike is not built into the cp3 hardware unless it is preconfigured that way, right? So is there a place to purchase the cp3 hardware with third strike already “installed?”

Also, for TigerCraneFist - why have you gone through so many cp3 boards? Do you manage an arcade?

it is not the same thing. sorry =(

best bet is for ebay for the cabinet. or you just build a supergun or your own cabinet. which is quite easy, suprisingly

LOL, I love how some people’s response is to play an emulated game instead. HAHAHHAHA

How people do not realize that emulators are not 100% exact is beyond me…

You might be able to call some local arcades and see if they are selling one or would be willing to sell one.

Meh why not play on a ps2 with custom sticks? Less of a hassle.

For the same reason you play with custom sticks instead of some crappy pelican knock off. :rolleyes:

Sounds interesting. Any link for info?

You will also notice that he said he preferred the actual board, and that the reason he gave emulation as an option is become of the price difference, right?

Not a small price difference either.

CPS3 hardware is the same all across the board. Consists of a motherboard, a cartridge (which plugs into the motherboard) and a CD drive. In order to play third strike you must have the correct amount of memory(SIMM-single inline memory module?) installed on the motherboard which is 4 128 cards and 2 64 cards. As well you need the third strike cart and appropriate third strike CD. Third strike uses the most amount of memory so any other CPS3 game will run on a third strike motherboard so long as you have the boot CD and cartridge. You basically just have to perform a memory rewrite which takes about an hour each time you want to switch games. Kind of a pain really but possible. That being said, you could upgrade any CPS3 motherboard to run third strike so long as you could get your hands on the capcom SIMM cards to do so which you would have to install in the motherboard. Sadly these are kind of hard to come by though and while I know for a fact there are knock off (malaysian I think) SIMM cards you can get, I dont know the last thing about them or where to find them.

to commander; naw Im not an arcade op. Just grew up playing in arcades and now that they are fast becoming a thing of the past I started buying my own cabinets to play in my house and to host small street fighter gatherings with other fans. Ive really only had 2 carts die on me, the 53 was a gross exaggeration. haha.

Go fo the real hardware man, I was trying to be polite about it, but really thats the way to go.

google. plenty of tutorials.

all you need to build a super gun is a jamma harness(20 bucks), basic video converter if you plan on using a regular tv(50-60 bucks), a power supply( any where from 20-60bux. using a pc power supply/arcade supply/etc…).

and thats really it. you would be amazed at how simple a supergun can be made

Thanks for the info Seth. I’m going to do some traveling next year; once I get back state side with a semi-permanent residence I’m going to start looking into cabs.

You might also want to try out local arcade auctions. I got this at an auction for only $300.