Buying a used fight stick?

hey guys first time poster here, but long time reader. I have a dilemma i know the SE fightstick is a pretty rare find these days but a store thats 7 hours away from me has one in stock. The thing is that the stick was used and returned. I was going to have my friend pick it up for me, and get it from my friend in about a week.

But since the SE sticks usually have a shitty record of staying in working condition i was wondering if its even worth getting since the item has already been used, and i really have no idea of what condition it is in.

i would not touch it if i were you.

7h drive isnt worth it at all

All the information can be found here [media=youtube]B9q2jNjOPdk[/media]

Se fightstick is worth its price but first thing you should do is change the stick

Man, piss off. No one cares about your youtube link.

@OP Don’t bother. 7 hours is pretty far.

Well im driving down there either way for spring break.

It was probably returned because of the washer problem. If you mod it with Sanwa or Seimetsu parts though it’s a really nice stick. I sold mine to a friend after I modded it but only because I like the full size sticks like the TE and HRAPs.

Depends also on how much you are getting it for.

Does it still have warranty?

Why is he selling it?

I would only buy it if I was planning to mod it.

I would jump on it, since you are payng only $80 for it, heck I would jump in the car and GITTY UP!

as long as you replace the parts, which could cost you $60 or more…

haha yes i do plan to mod eventually, just not right away due to lack of funds, and im buying it from a retail store, so i think it should at least have some warranty on it but i have no idea why it was returned.

Calculate gas money spent driving there and driving back and then tack on the total to your stick and then see if you would be willing to pay that much if it was being sold locally.

That’s how you know if it’s worth it or not.