Buying advice



I don’t know if i’d like this game on the long run.

I liked SF4 but i was so fed up with losing with makoto that i pass to another game.

I like the system of Blazblue but didn’t get caught in the trip contrary to guilty gear that i liked a lot.

I played MvC 2 but it was seven years ago without online.

I have an idea of the game by playing it but i can’t see if i’d play it for hours and days.

What gives you the “need” to play it?


Only you can really tell yourself if you’re interested in the game. In terms of balance the game is still early and it’s meta-game is only now being developed. It’s very inclusive and very interesting how in-depth a lot of the game’s system can be. That being said, it’s also very accessable to newcomers alike, with simple controls, a wide variety of characters, and much easier button-combinations for combos.

The plot’s not good, but the mission mode, versus, and online is very entertaining, and if you have some friends you can definitely get lost in it quickly. I love just figuring out all of the button combos and what teams mesh well together, with what assists, and which teams just blatantly don’t.


Nobody knows if they’d like the game in the long run yet. :smiley:

It’s totally your life, dude. Get some cojones and act like it. Somebody else telling you what to like isn’t really helpful. :tup:


pretty much this. no one else can tell you what you’ll like.