Buying AE2012 on PC

Is there a difference between buying a CD (except the obvious), and buying from Steam? There’s a Steam sale going on that ends today, however it’s even cheaper on disc from Amazon. The game still plays on GFWL right?

steam gives you an extra gfwl key (which differs from the steam one) to activate it in gfwl, which also works with a retail copy.
on the other hand you cannot activate the retail copy on steam, since it’s a gfwl key.

another point is that the steam version usually have to wait a little bit longer before a new patch arrives. and you must buy your dlcs on steam where with the retail copy you buy it in the gfwl marketplace.

Ah, so the GFWL one is better then? I already have the game on Xbox and PS3, just wondering if there’s any point getting it actually.

Ultra SF4 may not support GFWL.

Just get the Steam version. Ultra might not support GFWL which means you might not be able to upgrade to it. Steam is a great platform altogether. It’s easy to handle your game library, updates are fast and automatic and the DLC might go on sale. I picked up all the costumes for $4 on Steam.

even if USF4 doesn’t support gfwl, they won’t fuck over the retail buyers.
in this case it’s pretty likely that you can activate the game in steam with your gfwl key.

there were a few games in the past which changed their mp system to steam and it was never the case that the retail buyers had to purchase the game again.

steam key = /= gfwl key. Even the steam version makes you log onto gfwl when you open the game. Steam is just an additional layer on top. Ultra might be a pure Steamwork game so youre boned if it is and you have the non steam version.

the retail buyers won’t get fucked. if USF4 only supports steamworks then the obvious way to migrate those player is that steam gets the gfwl key database for ssf4ae so that you can activate it on steam. or there will be an extra service where you can get a steam key if you send in your gfwl key. like I said there were already a few games on steam who did this process and it was never the case that owners had to buy the game again (e.g. Unreal Tournament, Company of Heroes).