Buying an Xbox One arcade stick...backward compatability questions



I’m looking into buying my first Xbox One stick…but I’m concerned with some things that I’ve read about backward compatibility issues with 360 games. Is it true that basically no stock stick can work with backward compatible games on the Xbox One? I keep reading something about a ridiculous decision made by Microsoft over driver restrictions that dissalows fightsticks to actually be read as controllers; as in, a factory TE2 can’t be used to play a backward compatible 360 fighting game, but a Xbox One controller can. I can link to articles, forum posts, and Reddit posts if needed.

But If this is true, I have the chance to buy a fightstick that’s been modded with a controller PCB from a PowerA mini Xbox One controller. I read that some people have gotten around the backward compatibility issue by modding their sticks with controller pcbs or by using something like a CronusMax.

Mainly looking into Street Fighter IV(hoping for ultra to be made compatible) and then to the future with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. But do you think I would be ok for 360 compatibility with a controller pcb modded stick?

Thanks in advance…can’t wait to get back into fighting games, even if it’s just regular Street Fighter IV for now. Still angry at Capcom over Street Fighter V exclusivity, but what can you do?


Is it true that basically no stock stick can work with backward compatible games on the Xbox One?
Yep, that is because all the licensed Xbox One sticks are not true Xbox one controllers.
Only select games on the Xbox One are compatible, and not all fighters on that system work with the Xbox One sticks.

You have to use a PCB from a Official Microsoft Xbox One pad, a licensed 3rd party pad, or the Brooks Universal Fight Board.

Sell the Xbox one and get a PS4. There like no games on the Xbox.


Cool. Thanks for confirming it for me; I think I’m all set.

And oh I know…I honestly would have considered a PS4 if I would have knew all of this was coming. I was an early Xbox adopter and wasn’t expecting all the various fiascos that would follow. Still happy with it, but it’s just a shame over how Microsoft has handled certain things. Making Ultra Street Fighter IV backward compatible would be a nice start…but yeah, Sony has clearly won in many ways this generation.


Both of my TE2 sticks work with SF4, as well as soul calibur 2, and injustice. Interestingly though, only the newer one works with skullgirls. Neither of them are modded, they’re both factory xbox one sticks.


I wonder if the developers might have finally went back and took the time to add coding to make their games fightstick compatible, and only the one stick picks-up on it? Such a weird situation with all that.

I went ahead and bought the controller pcb modded stick that I mentioned. At least you would think I shouldn’t have any problems or guesswork, but we’ll see what happens. Fingers are crossed.


Example none of the sticks out there works for DOA on the Xb1


I bought the Hori X1 T7 stick because I wanted another white stick, and I was able to navigate to and play KoF 2002 UM. So something’s working now at least. Don’t know if it’s this stick or a firmware update or what.