Buying and Selling: Updated 1/11


Buying the following stuff from here first to help out the SRK community, if i can’t get it here, guess ill have to buy it at gamestop or ebay but prefer to help you guys out ^^. Shipping only to the U.S.


Neurotically Yours dvd’s

Anime box sets


Please feel free to ask questions or offer some type of deal

Selling a Ipod Touch 8gb with custom skin and screen protector with warranty - $190+7 shipping (Bought in june, is in great condition and battery still holds a great charge. Looking to upgrade to iphone)


Bioshock 2 [xbox 360] (Phatty)
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (sswizzbbeatss)
Call Of Duty World at War 360 (Hi5ive)
Yugioh Dungeon Dice GBA (Dintrao)
Octo gate + Shaft covers (Jamespoop)
Resident Evil 5 (Gamestop)

TE-S Dual Chunli stick
evo sack
PS3/360 SSF4


FYI: Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition is just the normal game in a different case. It comes with a download card to get the dlc off of marketplace. So, if you don’t get a new copy, you won’t get to play the dlc it comes with.


I know, im hoping someone has one unused or atleast has the card still unused.


Ive got Bioshock 2.

Practically new. I’ll let it go $25 shipped


Sweet, ill take it, pm me your paypal information ^^


What GBA games are you looking for?


Post any you have and ill pm you if i see one i like/want


Adding some interests


Added another want


jubeininja69 items - Get great deals on Video Games items on!

i got some game boy advance games which i’m trying to get rid of in a hurry on ebay. i can cancel the auctions to sell to you a bit cheaper.

prefer to sell the way it is in the auctions.

i also have castlevanias, metriods, zeldas, golden suns.


shining soul 2
the best gba game out their
just the cartridge


why so much? its only 5 on gamestop >>


pick it up there than?
man i had my childhood in the washroom built on that game.
did’nt no 5$ shipped?


Sold out on the website or i would pick it up there.


Adding some more


PM sent, sorry for the delay.


Just curious, how did you break your brother’s stick?


Dintrao - it’s cool, Im interested in the dungeon dice game, and maybe the flash drive, give me a few days to think on it.

Sillender - came home plastered and stepped directly on it -_-…he shouldnt have left it on the floor but w/e


Just let me know, they aren’t going anywhere lol :tup:


Dintrao, i’ll be leaving feedback tomorow, thanks again ^^