Buying arcade stick in KOREA?


hey guys, a friend of mine is going to south korea soon.

is there an arcade stick he could buy from there?
would it be cheaper to buy it in korea, what would it cost roughly?
would it be good?
i know poongko helped design a ambidexterous arcade stick right?
they dont use sanwa parts right?

any advice would be great.


to get a idea whats in Korea, check out this korean website


how does something like the omni compare to madcatz TE for example?


One version of the omni has Korean parts, the other Sanwa parts just like the TE.

The Omni works on both PS3 and Xbox 360 and is a better buy in my opinion.


TE sticks are sold there. Not sure about price.

Regarding the Omni, the stick might be pricier but it’s sort of worth its $200 tag. It uses smooth metal body, dual console-enabled and can use Korean or Japanese parts.

In terms of Korean sticks, Gammac sells their stick and there is another cool looking one called the Makestick Pro.


hmm, would there be anything else besides the ones mentioned so far?
and will these be available in brick and mortar stores?


Have fun


Whoa! Those Virtua Stick high grade korean copies look GDLK. Only available in Korea?