Buying Arcade stick off ebay, import fees to canada?

I have been thinking about getting that, but don’t want to deal with surprise broker/import fees and what not. A few weeks ago I bought a pair of head lights for my friend’s car and had to pay $74 to UPS for broker/import fees. Anyone know how this will work out… Thanks.

I wonder how much is import fees on japanese women shipped in boxes from japan?

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Tell the seller to mark it as a gift, most people on ebay you don’t even need to ask the just assume that way you dont get charged anything.

According to UPS you would prob pay $30 then sales tax and a duties tax if the stick is made outside of NA tho i dont think it is. I might be a bit off.

Ive only had an issue with this once where I bought 2 t-shirts form the states came out to like $75 after shipping. Then i had to pay like $40 when it got to my house cus of random taxes and the fact that 1 of the shirts was made outside of NA so i dont buy onlie form the states unless its ebay or (duty free to canada n aus.).

“We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as “gifts” because US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior.”

That’s listed on the item page for that item.