Buying Break away USB cables?

Anyone know where to buy break away USB cables? Like the xbox ones? Preferrable 15 ft long, but 10 ft is okay too.

break away?

yeah you know… for when he throws a fit and tosses the controller across the room

he wants the cable to break away so he destroys the stick and not the console

I got one to extend the reach of my wired stick… try ebay they are 5.95 free shipping

definently why the hori ex2 has it for. :sad:

it is good to have in case somebody walk in front of the tv and trips over the cable, messing up the system. making sticks for my cousin and this stuff happens in a party situation.

MS has a patent on these. I don’t think you’re going to find one unless it’s attached to an xbox controller.

And yes, these are great for people who have kids or retards in their house.

What about using a short extension cable that plugs into the console so if someone tugs the cord it pulls out from the extension instead of the console. I don’t know if it will be as good as the 360 one but it would be something to look at.

Go from controller > USB to PS2 adapter > PS2 to USB adapter > USB port on system
I think those PS2 ports unplug pretty easily. I’m talking about PC PS2 (PS/2) connections by the way, like your keyboard and mouse use, not the console.

In a similar way you can get two short PS2 extension cables chop an end off each and use that so it would go:
Controller > 1st PS/2 extension cable + female end cut off and USB female soldered or controller wire soldered directly to extension cable > 2nd PS/2 extension cable + male end cut off and USB male soldered on
Just make sure to hook up the wires right because PS/2 is a parallel port and has a bunch of wires where USB (serial) only has 4.

Yeah I’m making a ps3/ps2 MC Cthulhu stick. I’m thinking that I may just buy short usb extention cable or something. The PS3 is heavy enough I think to stay put. We have combination of drunks, little kids, and a dog in the family all waiting to trip up a USB cable.

That slim ps2 on the other hand. Better bolt that shit down.

Ok seriously, this isn’t that hard. Let’s identify the problem.

You want a USB breakaway cable like the xbox has.

No problem. Since both Xbox & Xbox 360 use USB cables and standards in the wiring, this should be a cakewalk for someone who knows how to use heat shrink tubing, and a soldering iron.

  1. Go to gamestop, buy a used wired xbox controller that has a breakaway cable. Perhaps it’s $10-15.

  2. Cut the cord off from the controller end.

  3. Cut off the xbox connector on the opposite end of the cable, AFTER the breakaway section. If you want to be lazy, then buy this cable:

  1. Find an old USB cable that you need to scavenge for it’s connector. I’m guessing it’s socket type B:

  1. Now cut it 6 inches down from BOTH ENDS of the cable. So you end up with both of them looking like this:

  1. Strip the cable jacket down exposing the wires in the cable. Do this for ALL cables.

  2. Put some heat-shrink tubing on the cables NOW.

  3. Match the colors of the cables up, and solder them together.

  4. cover your mess with heat-shrink tubing.

  5. Voila.

This link has more pictures on how to do a similar process:


Edit: I know you want BUY cables… but the previous poster was right. Microsoft patent has it locked down. So you gotta make it yourself.