Buying/Building a fighting stick

I am just getting into the game and I have tried wiimote, classic, and gamecube controllers. To me all of them are very hard to use so my question is, what is the best fight stick to use for wii, or is it possible to build your own compatible for the wii system

the official TvC stick is actually pretty good, and only 59.99. Check Tech Discussion for building tips.

Just get the TvC edition stick they are running very nice on madcatz site. But if you want to build one its not that hard to solder but making the box can be tricky in my opinion.

Or you can do what some others have done and used a base like the Tekken 5/Real Arcade Pro and just throw a hacked classic controller/GC board in it

Simple mod, Sanwa JLF and OSBN-30s.

This stick is so nice now, about $75 total and easily my favorite!