Buying cheap bits


What do you guys think of buying cheap bits online? Complete crap? I’m thinking it’s one of those “you get what you pay for” kind of things.

More specifically these 2 sets.
Router bits:

Forster drill bits


dont know if theyre legit or not but…

for the price

you cant go wrong


That looks like the stuff they sell at Harbor Freight (a tool store that sells stuff way cheaper than Lowes or Home Depot). Over at the Arcade Controls forum, most of them are in the “you-get-what-you-pay-for” camp.

I you’re only looking to make one or two boxes, then that should be fine. I’d say go for the better quality/name brand bits if you’re looking for longevity.



Also, if you working with hard woods you want better quality bits just for ease of cutting.


Agreed. Don’t skimp out on bits. If you’re looking for quality router bits, look for whiteside.


Made in India like Freight’s stuff. How much you wanna bet?


Thanks for the feedback guys. I’m only planning on making one box, possibly in MDF. However if they are complete trash I’m only out on $20 (with shipping). I’ll give it a shot.


You might want to have a metal file handy. Those metric forstner bits don’t have the teeth cut into them sometimes so you’ll have to file some teeth into them. It’s best to just order a good 30mm bit from a better retailer. You can also get those bits cheaper on ebay. The router bits look fine and you definitely can’t beat the price.

I bought those metric forstner bits on ebay from that company and they sent me the wrong size. I called them so they sent me the correct ones and told me to keep the others. I know why they told me to keep the others it’s because the metric ones were no good. You might get lucky and get some good ones either way if you find they sent you some bad ones they will replace them free of charge.

I have the chap 4 sets I bought from EDM and I also have 2 “good” sets I bought from a woodworking website.


So you’re saying the drill bits are useless, unless I file in teeth myself? Seems a bit weird to sell a bit you have to file yourself.


Man, that’s some cheap stuff. They sell a router for only $34.90. I’m going to order a few of their bits and let everyone know how they turn out.


You don’t file teeth into them, forstner bits do not need teeth to work in softer materials.


It should be fine for MDF + Plexi? thanks


Yes, I’ve used toothed and solid type forstner bits on both of these. Never noticed any diffrence in performance.