Buying Custom Arcade sticks(Post them here)


Title says it all! I am hoarding Custom arcade sticks! Please post the info

Sanwa/Seimitsu button/Arcade stick:
Systems that this stick will work for:

And a Photo, With an Asking price.



would you be interested in custom stick cases? I have a paduk wooden stick case with artwork and plexi in fair condition. Heres a pic of it but just no buttons, stick, or pcb anymore.

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Damn it! I was going to do this too! lolz Customs can get pretty expensive so love finding a good deal on used ones! Bought a killer used one a while back and been addicted to hunting for used customs ever since! Good luck with your thread. = ]


Bought 1, looking for more QUALITY!


Yeah i need one to preferably a tri-modded siemitsu stick


how about this stick? HFS3 custom art & all seimitsu buttons. Never put JLF in, but its an easy mod. Price is OBO; I’m just trying to get funds to put towards a Q4RAF or nice dual modded TE or V3 sa


I pm’d ya one last night


i got 2 there hit me up if you wanna work something out


I have one right here:

We can negotiate.


I am looking to sell my custom stick and hacked controllers that go with it.

Let me know if you’re interested. I’m sure we can come to an agreeable price.


How did I miss this thread?

Byrdo Mini Maya

Byrdo’s smallest custom. The Sanwa stick uses a square gate and the Sanwa buttons are all 24mm (noticeably smaller than the buttons on the TE Stick). He built this stick with portability in mind.

Wood/Metal/Pastic: Wood
Sanwa/Seimitsu button/Arcade stick: 24mm Sanwa buttons. Sanwa stick.
Systems that this stick will work for: PS2

You can find photos in the thread that is linked above.