Buying Fight Stick in Hong Kong - Suggestions?

I’m going to go back to Hong Kong soon, and I’m looking to buy a stick.


-PS3/Xbox compatible (Do I need to dual mod or is there a stick that is compatible with both?)
-Japanese Make
-Bigger than average (The Hori I’m using right now has a small stick/surface PS3 Real Arcade Pro. 3-SA: Video Games)
-Price shouldn’t be an issue

So…where should I be shopping and which stick would you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance.

from what you’re saying. i would get vlx and get it dual-modded


-the only thing compatible to ps3/xbox360 is the paewang, it is ass (unless you modd with better parts) and not that big
-you said, the SA is small, i guess im a tiny person
-you said, money is not an option =P


you can just get that current stick dual-modded for simplicity

Qanba Q4 RAF.

Dunno how you’ll get it, but I’m sure you can ask around/import from mainland China once it drops.

General stick info:
-Only dual compatible sticks for PS3/360 are the Paewang Revolution and Qanba Q4, everything else requires a dual mod job.
-There’s really only 3 standard sizes of arcade sticks, entry level(smallest), standard size(HRAP and TE are examples) and extraordinary(Sega Saturn HSS-0130, HRAP VLX and custom built sticks).

I haven’t been to HK in the longest time but the good old Mongkwok or Tsim Tsa Tsui area should be best places for electronics/video game items. Not sure if small shops swap out genuine parts for inferior stuff anymore but as I mentioned, I haven’t been to HK in the longest time.

Thanks for the advice guys. If the only stick that supports both consoles is the Paewang and Qanba, I think I’m going to grab a HRAP VLX and dual mod it.

This probably isn’t the best place to ask, but does anyone know a place in MK that sells it? Also, should I get the PS3 or Xbox one (or does it not matter?)

Always Xbox 360 when the Arcade Stick will get Dual Mod.
(Except the HRAP EX.)

So, HRAP EX Premium VLX.
And also get one of these things.

No soldering involved.

Probably a stupid question, but is the only difference between the Premium VLX and the regular one the colour of the buttons?

I’ve made up my mind that I want one of these. I’d like to grab one from HK so I can dodge the tax/shipping/customs (and I got a free 6k HKD, woohoo), so does anyone know where I can snag one? Tried searching but couldn’t find any results.

I know i shouldn’t be posting this here, but apparently you need to post a few times before being able to open a new thread, so… sorry! :x
Can you guys please tell where should i buy a mad catz te online in europe, so i don’t have to pay extra taxes? the cheaper place the better :x


The VLX is a monster of a stick.
The V-3-SA/VX-SA is similar in size to a Madcatz TE.

The different coloured buttons let you know which system it is for.
PS3: all white, 360: red/yellow/blue/green with 4 white.

Try the local HK thread in the world discussion section, I’m sure that aside from knowing which arcades have what, they should know of some infamous places that sells the VLX.