Buying from Southtown Homebrew Specialists?


I, like a lot of folks out there, have been in need of some Sanwa buttons for awhile now. I recently did a Google search for them and I got this place called Southtown Homebrew Specialists:

Has anyone here bought from them before, and more importantly, has anyone tried buying buttons from them since the great SF4 arcade part famine started? I did a search on this forum for similar topics and didn’t get anything, sorry if this has been said. They have the colors I want, but seeing how virtually every site that I’ve been to has been out of stock, it seems too good to be true. The thing I’m most afraid of is going through with the purchase, forking over 40 dollars on buttons, and being waitlisted and locked in with them for a month or two when I would much rather give my money to Lizardlick or somewhere else well known on this board.

If Southtown is a bad idea, can anyone give me some other ideas on where to buy them?


I posted up a link to these guys in the Trading Forum. Southtown is totally trustworthy and fine to deal with. I’ve used them in the past for Neo stuff and they have a lot of praise over on the forums.


these guys are the best. i have ordered from them twice and my buttons came in two days. the buttons come fresh two no scratches or anything and their communication is great. i personally think they are better than and a couple others on here just because of their communication and the quality of the buttons. i only wish they had more of a selection.


i emailed to ask if they still had in stock and nobody returned my email…

i went with modchipman instead… cheap, fast, great vendor…