Buying Games at Launch - Yay or Nay?


Found the article via my daily read on [H]ardOCP. The basic principle is its best to wait on agame as opposed to purchasing it at launch. I immediately recoiled when I started reading.

A few weeks ago I was able to get a new copy of Assassains Creed 4 for the Wii U, for like $11 @ TRU. It was a great deal, and much better than the $60, my wife was going to spend to get it for me at launch.

But all games, hell MOST games that have real replay value don’t fall into that ‘hole’ - to me at least. Over the past decade, I’d say the majority of my gaming hours have been logged on games such as SF4 or CoD or UMvC3 and even D3, the comment node between all of them is a strong experience with other players. I’d say the game I’ve spent the most time on before that was City of Heroes - an MMO based on being a superhero. All those games either have you going AGAINST other people or working with people that you know either outside of the game or have met inside of the game.

If I followed the logic of ‘waiting till it’s on sale’ - I’d never get to enjoy these games. For me? Picking up a fighting game after it’s not ‘new’, always leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction, I’m always playing catch-up. I haven’t bothered with USF4 because I didn’t bother with arcade 2014, because I barely played 2013, because my time on Super was cut short being a first time dad. I ‘want’ to get USF, but I know I’l lget my ass whooped and most likely won’t enjoy it enough to warrant the purchase outside of just wanting to support the community so to speak. CoD is no different, when I bought AC4, they had BO2 on sale for $11 ALSO at TRU, but I said ‘naw’. My wife asked why and I told her, I play CoD for multiplayer, I’d get curbstomped if I tried to catch-up to folks now and would be better served just buying the new one (its the same thing with titanfall). One would argue the single players is worth the cost, but its not what I really want out of a CoD.

Then it comes back to what the article is actually hovering around - Diable 3 and hte recent ‘next gen port’ being the best version. I didn’t play launch D3, but I did spend a significant amount of time within a couple months of release - it was still full price when I bought it. so I hear ‘best version’ and ‘I should have waited’ and I couldn’t disagree more. It’s as if there was no fun to be had with the previous versions. Sure, the loot system needed TONS of work, but I logged so many hours because it was still FUN. It may not of had the replay of D2, but that didn’t make it only worthy of a purchase at $20 or when the super mega hyper version came out on XBone/PS4. This extends to the fighting game community too with the hatred that spewed forth for UMvC3, people upset that a new game/expansion came out less than a year later, but there was this disconnect as though people didn’t get their $60 out of the first 8 months of gameplay.

I paid $16 to see the latest Transformer movie. So seeing like 4 movies is the cost of one full priced video game, that’s maybe 12 hours of ‘watching’ something compared to however many hours were logged playing something. I’m all for trying to get a good price on a game, hell I don’t feel a large portion of games that cost $60 are worth $60, but you’re only cheating yourself by adopting a wait and see approch with most/all games.

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Some games (i.e. Nintendo first party games) never drop in price, so waiting doesn’t really have any benefits. I got into video games knowing full well what the cost is, and I’m willing to pay full retail on release for certain games. No big deal.


Games I’ll play for a long time I’ll purchase day 1, Nintendo games I’ll purchase day one because they don’t drop in price ever and I tend to play them a lot, the rest I just wait a month and get them for like 10-20 dollars.


I don’t care about playing about 99% of video games at all, less so on day one. I just don’t give a fuck about video games like when I was younger. These days I spend my time on my career, my writing, traveling, and just generally being outside.

Not that I gave up video games. I still play Left 4 Dead 2 almost every day for about 20-30 minutes just for some relaxation. I’m sure I’ll pick up Silent Hills if it’s on the PC. I still play CvS2 or Ultra whenever I have the chance. But honestly, if I never played those games again or at all I wouldn’t have cared.

So for me, picking up a game day one it has to be an AMAZING game. I’ll get a Marvel game, a Metal Gear Solid game, Silent Hill, a Left 4 Dead, or a Guilty Gear day one if I REALLY want to play them badly. Otherwise, fuck that. I’ll enjoy it as much later as I would have the first day it was available.


Either its too early or i need glasses but i was convinced the thread title said lunch. I qas thinking fuck yea i buy my games at lunch time because i aint got time for shopping after work. That time is game time! Then i realized it was about buying games at launch and i stopped caring.


I’m a cheap ass gamer, I only buy games during steam Christmas sale, steam summer sale, and humble bundles…I probably have about 300 games and haven’t played most of them lol and apparently a lot of PC gamers are as cheap as me:

Haven’t bought a game day 1 since Diablo 3 launch, but I’ll break that when I get Azure Striker: Gunvolt on the 29th.


Cool story, bro.


YEah I looked at my Serious Sam Steam collection, L4D collection, etc. I’ve got maybe 30 Steam games and only played like 4 of them. I still haven’t cracked Portal 2 and I’ve had that for 2+ years (I still want Portal 1&2 on the 3DS, such a missed oppurtunity)

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I day 1’d DeS (Best decision)/DaS (Collector’s, not as good as DeS’ Limited, but still good)/DaS2 (Collector’s as well, paled in comparison to the others. Would’ve stayed with the Black Armor edition had I 100% knew that I’d still get the nice case). Also day 1’d Vanquish and Dragon’s Crown, which was inevitable like everyone knowing Patrick Stewart was Professor X during the Star Trek days. I waited on Dragon’s Dogma and got it cheap, got the Sith Edition of TFU cheap as well during a sale, and copped Binary Domain for $16 during a newegg sale. I kind of regret paying full price for Lords of Shadow, but I’m not making the same mistake with the sequel. With any luck, both LoS 2 and the complete (as it’ll ever get, anyway) version of Diablo 3 will be cheaper during the black Friday sales. That DaS 2 Collector’s Edition has me salty to this day, especially after seeing the vid for Japan’s Collector’s Edition. The figurine feels so cheap, smh.


You really aren’t. If anything, the reverse is true.
If a game is only remarkable because it is new, then it won’t be that good in six months anyway. If you only play for online, and the online is dead in 6 months…well…it would be dead anyway. A game like COD will (or at least used to, I don’t know if the popularity is waning yet) always have new players, and have people “prestiging” so they no longer have the best set ups. Sure they might be better than you, but if losing is a reason to not play a game, don’t play multiplayer.

I bought thief a couple of months after release at half price but then felt ripped off because it was like 15 bucks a month later. And then 5 bucks a couple more months later.
The truth is most games are not going to hold your attention for 6 months straight. Games that do offer those massive play hours and practically unlimited replay value are the rare ones…and often aren’t the biggest, hypest ones. Simcity? Rage? Watch Dogs? SFxT? Aliens? StarWars: TOR?
Even with a game like SF or Diablo, you basically end up paying for it multiple times, with expansions or re-releases.
Maybe it is different if you game on console exclusively, but knowing that 95% of the games I want will be cheap on steam some time in the foreseeable future really puts it into perspective, I have to really want the game to buy it new, and I am usually prepared to deal with the bullshit. Like if Fallout 4 was announced I would pre order that knowing it is going to be a buggy mess.
I just got shipping notification for Bullet Girls. I ordered that because that game is probably never coming to the west and niche titles tend to get more expensive as they get older.

Now that’s a third person shooter.


Depends on the game, want to hit the ground running with FGs and snap up decent limited editions day 1 but anything else is usually just “meh when I get round to it” unless its a series I absolutely adore.


Fighters: day one
Every other game can stand a wait if you can’t afford it.


I only buy on day one when it’s a game I know I will spend a lot of time on. For me this is will mostly be fighters, RPGs and Resident Evil. Everything else I wait on.


In fighters and other really heavy multiplayer games: General day 1 unless the game has massive problems. I hate getting into a game that is basically multiplayer only and having the community on the verge of death.

Single player games and everything else: Wait until it gets a GOTY and goes on sale.

I got really tired of getting games day 1 and then getting hit with truckloads of DLC. I just wait to get it all on disc now. Plus always for a better price.


It depends of the game or who are the people behind it.
Games like fighters, Need For Speed, Grand Theft Auto are instant buy, others i can wait and see.


only games i will buy day one are suda 51, hideki kamiya, shinji mikami, and 3ds games.


I only buy 2-3 games at most if anything at all so I don’t mind paying $60 for a game. A combination of business practices, having other stuff take up my time and having my tastes dialed in help.


Good things come to those who wait.

Many big names it best to wait because the following always happens.

  1. Game launch
  2. Bug fixes
  3. DLC
  4. DLC
  5. DLC

See: elder scrolls, borderlands, fallout, GTA, red dead, any game in the past 5 years


I don’t play a very wide range of games, so 90% of the time it’s a day 1 purchase for me. This holiday season the only two games I’m going to buy are Xrd and the new CoD, and I’m sure I’ll get them right when they are available.


I’ll only pre-order games for the SE/LE if I trust the developer or publisher. Otherwise I’ll wait a day or 2 unless I really liked the demo or gameplay trailers, and even then it depends on the company and their track record.