Buying gift cards, interest in PS Vita, Trading Dota 2 items [Updated 8/2]


If i find more stuff i’d like to buy or sell, ill add them as i find them ^^. Please post items with prices including shipping if offering an item im in search of. Once a transaction is complete between myself and anyone, please leave a comment on my profile in place of feedback, thank you ^_^.

Selling/trading: All items are new unless noted otherwise. {Shipping only within the U.S.} Prices are without shipping unless noted otherwise:), if the item is dlc, obviously theirs no shipping. If i have left out any information, please let me know so i can post what im missing, thank you.

Trading Dota 2 items. Looking for keys mostly but willing to look at item offers. Page 1-6 (minus Double Vision) is up for trade. Steam ID: ChoujiCosplayer


Following Giftcard’s: (Paying .75 per dollar)
Dunkin Donuts
Best Buy

Possibly a PS Vita

After each transaction please leave feedback accordingly and i will do the same :]


Are you hustlin’ here?

I’m not trying to be a jerk, but it looks like you’re hustling.




Nope, if people got cards they dont want and dont have a use for, ill buy and use them for myself at a discounted price. i now can fit into AE so i shop there often, who doesnt love DD and i love to read so barnes and nobles ftw.


Still searching


still want


Dunkin Doughnuts giftcards for 3/4 of the price they go for? You greedy fat bastard.


he is hustling lol jk but u can’t expect someone to pay full price for a gift card they can get down the street


Alright alright, I understand


Thank you iBeatu.

still searching


[SIZE=4]Supernatural search added[/SIZE]




Please dont spam my post, if any more appear i will report them.


still searching


Searching still






still searching




game added to search