Buying gift cards, interest in PS Vita, Trading Dota 2 items [Updated 8/2]

i have a 3DS, its registered, but its like new. $140 shipped. Lemme kno

No thanks

price drop on shirt

now selling Asura’s Wrath!

Buying Club nintendo Pins! If you got games/consoles and still have the club paper lying around and arent using it, sell it to me!

How much are you looking to pay for the codes? Currently I dont have the Club Nintendo point codes, but I do have the pins, literally.

Well im not looking for those

still looking for nintendo club pins/coins

price drop on asura’s wrath

Gillette sold!

still selling the stuff people

price drop on sengoku!

Gonna start putting stuff on ebay if things don’t start moving

some help me out for my birthday :3

Please let me know if anyone can pick up a extra copy :]

buying/selling new items!

need to trade this GC

Buying xbl code

no one got any GC’s they wanna trade?

No one has a 12 month xbl code? i need it before my acct expires in 2 weeks :x