Buying headphones. Someone help? (NOT A WTS/WTB THREAD)


I think this thread belongs here, if not the general discussion section…if mods could help me out i’ll be more than happy to cooperate.

anyways, i was a skull candy freak for a long time, but now i’m looking for something practical for me. i love the heavy bass of the skullcrushers, but the frikkin battery pack that dangles from my pocket when i use them is so impractical. it’s the reason why i ran through 2 of these headphones. yes 2.

with that in mind, can someone suggest a nice set of headphones that offer great quality sound? im looking in the $100+ range and the majority of the music i listen to has tons of bass, but i dont want to sacrifice the trebles for a bass pumper since i do study music on the side.



I just bought some Sony MDR-V6’s about a month ago and they sound great and are really comfortable. They’ve gotten really good reviews and have been around for a long time.


Uuuugh. Skullcandy are all gimmick, no sound. Upgrading to a nice headset will be great if you enjoy a deeper fidelity of your music, but if you’re just looking for just overwhelming bass, you might not want to bother looking at other headsets.

If you want to get a nice balanced set of headphones for around $100, these are what I recommend:

Sennheiser HD 238

  • Neutral presentation, tonally transparent.
  • Dynamic highs with the right type of punch at the bass.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50

  • Clear extension of the highs and lows.
  • Great tonality precision.

If you want to bump it up to $300, then you would be cheating yourself if you don’t get some Sennheiser HD 595. You’ll have to pick up a headphone amp along side of that, but definitely worth it. With these, mp3s have pretty much become unlikeable to me (reriped my whole collection in FLAC). If you’re serious about your music, you cannot go wrong with these. AKG K 701s can be found in that range sometimes, but I don’t like the soundstage these present next to the HD 595s.

If anything, please don’t get anything Bose. No highs, no lows, must be Bose.



if it doesn’t have to be wireless and if you are looking for audiophile quality sound, look into Grado headphones.

SR-80 is awesome and right around your price range.

Grado’s website:

forget all those “fashion” headphones and stuff. all junk. get into something real.


I have the Sennheiser HD555’s…they’re right in your price range (99.99 or less which is half the price of the 595’s) and are a very nice all-around solution for gaming and music. They’re not audiophile quality and, as with all headphones, it took about two weeks for them to loosen-up and not sound as bright but once they mellowed out I was and continue to be quite pleased.


Brillian stuff guys. Looks like I got some researching to do. And yes bass is nice, but if I can get better sound with less bass I’ll take it. Thanks guys I’ll post when I come closer to a conclusion


Denon AH-D1001


hmmmm if u dont want to sacrifice bass the $100 dollar mark is hard to say

i find sens to be the best headphones but thats personal preference

i myself have a pair of sens 650s


sennheiser hd 280 pro ftw!
sony mdr-v6 that brightsons recommended is good too


Ouch, Skull Candy. Pick up a pair of Senns or Audio Technicas… or perhaps Grados.

Best forums for anything headphone related:

Go down to the Equipment Forums.


Ditto on the Grado SR80’s.

The Sony MDR’s are more monitoring headphones, cold sound, not terribly fun to listen to.


All skull candy gear is crap - avoid. Anything made by Sennheiser will own. I use the eh150 which are quite cheap, but still sound really good


audio-technica ATH-A700 are great if you want closed cans.


Dammit. I hate this thread.

It gave me the itch to buy quality headphones and I ended up pulling the trigger on HD-595s…

I hope these will serve me well and for a long time. First time I spent more than $10 on headphones…


Not in your price range, but I loves me Senn HD595s - had 'em for over four years now. I would recommend the HD555s since they are in the same product family.


I’ve been using a set of Audio Technica’s for awhile. I prefer close back designs, but if you’d like to try out open back, I recommend checking out the Sennheisers.

P.S. Congrats on graduating from skullcandy


well… you might hate me for this :confused:
but …

is a good source to look for headphone advise… even though most likely, you would spend more than you have anticipated.



However, it really depends on what you want the headphones for. Portable? Office use? Do you want to be able to hear the outside world? Etc…