Buying hitbox metal plate bundle, is this all i need to mod my TE please?


Hey guys,

Want to mod my TE into a hitbox, i am in the uk and found arcadeforge that does the metal panel with a jlf cable thing and plexi. Is that everything i would need bar the buttons or will i still need to be doing some soldering etc?

Here is the link to the bundle: linky linky

I am just confused as the description for the items goes on about a sega layout and a harness jlf thing. I am assuming this is a typo and its the hitbox and the adapter cable i need, i just want confirmation from those in the know as i have never done anything like this before. Thanks all


you still need the acryl faceplate to cover and protect the artwork.
arcadeforge is a great shop fur customisation in Germany. I spend there a lot of money :wink:


Thanks man, plexi cover comes with the bundle that isnt a worry, i just wasnt sure what the harness talk was and if i needed to buy any additional cables :slight_smile:


On this topic, I have recently been writing with ArcadeForge about the TE Hitbox kits, it seems that they have 24mm holes for the punch/kick buttons which would mean all 8 buttons would need to be replaced as the buttons on the original TE sticks are OBSF-30. Is this correct? How big a job is it?

I presume the JLF harness is pointless since it’s a joystick harness and there is no joystick on a hitbox? Also I presume you would need some extra cables to split the ground?




What about the SOCD cleaner?


Yeah, technically if he wants to play with it in tournaments, he’d have to put an SOCD cleaner in there. SOCDs are too cool not to use anyway. If OP doesn’t know how to solder, it’s probably cheaper just to buy a pair or wire strippers and put a PS360+ in it, which is what I did with my gen 1 hitbox. The SOCD cleaner toodles sells is great, but you have to know how to solder.


The JLF harness is an adapter that you will plug the joystick harness into and it will then in turn give you quick disconnect hookups for your up, down, left, and right buttons. You don’t need it but if you don’t want to use their harness adapter then you’re looking at soldering your own wires on there or cutting up your existing harness.

The HitBox layout uses 24mm buttons for the 8 action buttons, as well as for left, right, and up. The down button is a 30mm.

Button replacement is pretty simple. Snap or screw (depending on your button) them in, then connect the quick disconnects.

As the above have mentioned, an SOCD cleaner is pretty nice for hitbox, and borderline mandatory. The problem that SOCD cleaners solve is that normally controller will expect that you are using a joystick which cannot hit opposing inputs at the same time (up + down, left + right). SOCD cleaners are interim controllers that can control what happens when you are hitting these opposing buttons (first one takes precedence, up overrides down, etc).

SOCD will require soldering but GREATLY improves your hitbox experience (and allows for some much more technical execution).


Yeah I actually just bought a Plate for my TE. Does anybody know where to get a good Htibox art template for the TE sticks?