Buying new stick vs Custom making one DILEMMA

I play sf4 frequentlly but i dont know any tech stuff regarding modding or anything like that.

I do have the first version of the TE stick which i AM very happy with, but i decided to make a custom stick so that i would have 2 sticks on my console so that friends could crash at my place to play ssf4 or mvc whichever.

I actually bought sanwa buttons and the joystick and also the sf4 controller for the PCB.
My friends agreed to do up the acrylic box for me and also do all the technical details to make a custom joystick.
BUT everyone got busy and the “project” just faded away and nothing happened.

So here i am with sanwa buttons and the joystick with a pcb ready to mod.

I’ve been through several threads to see the custom artworks people make and i gotta admit it’s pretty sweet, but yes im a photoshop idiot too. And also i know nothing about soldering or whatever .

So now im stuck between getting a new MVC3 stick? or asking someone to help me build a custom stick (if there is anyone that can do it for me) but obviously in Australia there isnt anyone doing this.

Any suggestions?

I’d just try to make the stick yourself to be honest. I’d never done anything like it before but my first stick didn’t turn out too bad, and the two I’ve built since are great (by my standards). If the SFIV controller you’re talking about is the HORI FightPad then that PCB is a breeze to solder. It’s what I used in my first stick and had no problems, first time soldering anything.

The actual box shouldn’t be hard at all, though I’ve never tried working with acrylic. Wood can be pretty easy to work with and is rather inexpensive.

Just buy an SE stick for friends to use. Cheap, easy to find, and ‘good enough’ parts for people who arent stick snobs. I’m getting the impression that you believe that making a stick would be cheaper than buying a stick, and I dont think you could be more wrong on that point. If you want your hobby to be building sticks, go for it. If you want your hobby to be playing games, buy a cheap loaner stick and get back to training mode.

hey guys thanks for the comments

@ Paradox me
Hmm sounds like a good idea, i might just try to make one i guess, and yea i have the hori fightpad.
and dude i was looking at some of the guy “Art”. he does some acrylic stuff and is pretty tempting i must say.
i must say im pretty fussy about the design or whatever regarding the box. i’d like it to be pretty but im guessing i would have to buy that. is there a guide or smting on soldering the buttons to the PCB or smting like that? i might just do that and think about the box later.

@ Toodles
Well i get what you mean, but im thinking of making my TE stick for the use of my friends whilst making this maybe a stick for myself? so it’d be nice if i customed it be im just thinking who can do the customising for me. though i must say the TE mvc3 stick is very tempting but still not as attractive as customising. and i already have parts which seems like such a waste really ==
i always have been practicing on my TE but i would just like to make a pretty stick for myself

is there anyone that helps to do free customising for the artwork?
im thinking of replacing my TE one as well… i was also thinking of making my 8 button stick into a 6 button one…
mann i feel like i want to do so much but im just a dummy, i guess i just want to make my sticks pretty i guess.
suggestions of people on shoryuken that can help me with this would be great

you could just buy a case and put the parts into that

doesn’t have to be acrylic. just sayin

I just went by this picture:

I didn’t do anything with LB, LT or Back buttons.

Check out Walmart. Last time I was there, there was this card game in a wooden box that would be really easy to drill holes into. Check out the board game aisle. Also Check thrift stores for suitable boxes, I found some cheap wood backgammon cases.

If you have a ace hardware try to find a 1 3/16 inch hole saw for 30mm buttons and a 15/16 holesaw for 24mm buttons.


Even replacing bad components with arcade parts can cost 2-3 times the initial cost of buying a cheap cab like the T5 or a mid-level cost cab like the Agetec.

Find a lower-level joystick like the Mad Catz SE like Toodles suggested and let your friends wreck that.

To quote Gollum, your joystick is your “precious” and there’s no need to share your high-cost joystick with people that don’t appreciate the money you spent on it. There are tons of stories about people sharing their brand-new Mad Catz joysticks and getting them wrecked them by a twit (not necessarily a friend or family member, but 85% of the time it is!) who isn’t careful with somebody else’s stuff, let alone theirs.

Yeah, like you can depend on people like that to lend you money to buy another TE joystick!

It’s okay to say no to people sometimes and lend them the “widow-maker” which nobody cares if it’s taken care of or destroyed by Messy Marvin…

Alternative: buy an acrylic case from ArtHong, and make your current TE the “loaner” stick.

Your friends will appreciate your generosity, and you can ensure they don’t pound on your nice case.

The easiest thing to do would be to ditch the PCB, and get an SE to drop your parts into.

People sell just stick cases on the trading outlet fairly often as well.

@ paradox me
cheers mate that helps a lot.

hmm i actually thought about custom making a box. i dont think i have the essential tools to do so such as drilling into the holes.

i think a more convenient and rational way since i dont " custom" build arcade sticks that often and i aint no guru at it. i think probably buying a case off someone would be the best choice i believe. is there anywhere you guys can recommend to get a custom artwork done and also a wood/acrylic case?

just so you know i dont have a walmart here haha. im in perth so we dont have that. prolly it’s sydney that does. but anyhow i was thinking of getting one from someone who can do it for me probably from US maybe? any suggestions of good builders that can custom a case be it acrylic or wood with a custom artwork?

Acrylic, get a TEK-CASE:

Wooden, there’s a lot of options:


Cheers bro, i actually checked out the Acrylic case before i thought was pretty awesome but im worried about the weight that it isnt sturdy cos i like my boxes pretty heavy like the TE.

Looking at wooden ones, i saw a pretty nice few but pretty damn pricey but yeah there are cheaper ones which i wouldnt mind.

I actually was thinking of replacing my TE’s plexiglass to a new art work also to put a new plexiglass at the bottom as well.

Is there any1 in specific that helps to do up artworks? as in helps to do the photoshop stuff cos im a dummy when it comes to photoshop. Been looking for people to help with that cos i’d like to make one for the new custom stick as well as replace my old TE plexiglass as well

so get the plexi option b and add the weight slots??? easy as pie

Plexi option B with triple acrylic paneling (support, top panel, art panel) on top is pretty strong. You’ve got over a centimeter of plexiglass for keeping it up.

Someone used a tube of BB pellets to add a good 2lb of weight IIRC.

Hmm yeap i guess the option B would work. probably get the plexis for my TE off the same guy as well. For now anyone know someone who’s free and helpful enough to help me with the artwork? :\

try the sf template thread, ask someone nicely who makes a lot of art? I had a couple people help me