Buying now, or wait until Extend?

I was planning on buying both CT and CS today as gifts to myself, as I have yet to play a Blazblue game period.

However, I read that CS: Extend will feature additional story and a revamped version of the CT story. My question is should I just wait until Extend comes out and just get that one? Or should I get Continuum Shift and then have that hold me over until Extend? Or get Calamity Trigger first after all? I’m at a real loss here, especially since I really want to get the most out of the story and characters as a whole.

Extend is only 2 months away, just wait. Plus in addition to the CS and CT stories, you get story scenarios for all the new character and dlc characters.


And if you want to take the game to a serious level, goto

Unless you get super crazy deals (like, $10 or less) on CT or CS, just wait for extend. It’s not long now, and it’s a good way to get into the series at a low price.

What’s this about ‘wait’ for Extend? I’m getting mine on 12/30 from PlayAsia.

the game doesnt release until feb 14th

JP version came out a couple of weeks ago, Valentine’s Day release is just the NA version.

Not everyone wants to pay $75+ shipping to get an incremental upgrade a month and a half early.

Buy CS. Itll be a fantastic warm up for extend.

If I already had CS, I wouldn’t have bothered, personally.

But this will cost even more than importing.

CS ain’t really that expensive to be honest. fish around and find it cheap.

Not really. Even using my super lazy “Just see what Amazon is charging” pricing method, Extend will be $40 and CS is like $18 now. (for the 360 anyway. S’like $20 for the PS3). I’m sure you can do the math.

you can get cs used for like $10 if you look around or shop online. id then hold off on dlc and get extend if you like cs.

I wouldn’t get the DLC but CS and CT are definitely worth it. Some people prefer playing CT to CS, CT is a good entry point if you’re unfamiliar with the Guilty Gear series. I’d probably hold on off CS, but it’s still a fantastic game well worth buying/playing, CS:E will just offer the same + more and will be the current version for any tournaments that get held (which wont be a lot, outside of Japan Arc don’t have a massive following).

I’d say the price alone is worth getting CS, you should have no trouble finding it for $15 or less used and even brand new is $20. I make worse buys than that on a daily basis.

Honestly, just buy CS for $20 on Amazon. You get the upgrade to CSII and I don’t see there being many people who will purchase EX so therefore, there won’t be as many people online.

If you have a PS3, I’ll sell you my copy of CS for $12 shipped… just sayin…

Don’t let the 2 guys above fool you, wait till Extend.
BBCS2 is almost dead because ppl are waiting for extend, it’ll flatline after extend gets released in… What, a week? So just wait it out.

Very curious to see how EX sells, myself. It’s a good entry point for new players, but I still maintain it’s an absolute rip off for people who already bought the CS2 DLC characters.

At this point, however, if you have no BB games, it seems absurd not to wait another week.

If it released either a month ago or two months from now I think sales would be in a much better spot, but this two-month span has an absolute flood of titles for it to compete with. I really hope it does well, for as much time as I spend playing AE, BB is still my favorite series, it’s just hard to find people to play with many times…but personally I think it’s going to get lost in the shuffle underneath SFxTK/SG/SC5.