Buying parts cheap in Europe?


I have a problem… Every arcade store i check the freight turns out to be more expensive then the parts. so im wondering what store i could us to buy parts? I live in Sweden Stockholm…

the stores i know of is akihabara(japan),, lizardlick(us), gremlingsulutions(uk)

IMO gremling and is to expensive compared to other stores…but the freight makes the other stores so much more expensive.

any1 have a suggestions how i can get by a bit cheaper? :frowning: im a poor student hehe

That is a list of all known shops to SRK, there are more than likely more shops out there.

2 adriancool08:
What parts are you looking for? Brand and model? Define cheaper.

sanwa clear red buttons 30mm x 6
sanwa clear smoke buttons 24mm x 2
sanwa button plugs x4
quanba shaft and dust cover white x1
quanba shaft and dust cover red x1
Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK x1
Sanwa JLF spring x1
Siemitsue ls-33 spring x1
Siemitsue red bubble ball top x1

uhm ye… thats what i need… live stockholm zip: 19475

problem is the stores seems to always miss a few items… no store have them all as it seems :frowning: Focusattack was the closest but no jlf and white shaft in store atm…

Okay we see your part list. I don’t see why you need a 2nd JLF spring unless your installing it into a different stick.

Also you didn’t answer one of Dako’s questions

What is your budget for all this?

Thats life for you, often us modders have to order from several sites to get all the parts and materials what we need. My last mod I ended up ordering from 3 different online stores to get all the parts I wanted.

Also last I check Sanwa does not have clear buttons in the 24mm size.

sorry i missed one :slight_smile:

well cheaper for me is when the store keeps the normal prices and dont add much compared to others and the freight to Sweden does not become the price of 8buttons… so normal prices and cheap freight i would put as my definition as cheap.

well i have money that is not the problem… problem is i basicly want “most bang for the buck” when it comes to price and freight to sweden.

i need 2springs caus i want to put ls-33 in a sanwa jlf to get more stiffness and the other spring is for friend stick.

clear sanwa 24mm @ -> **OBSC-24 - 295¥ **

i guess i need to do a prio list and decide if i really need everything :slight_smile:

sorry for my bad english and thx for help and clearing some things out!

**EDIT: while i have you guys here… for drop it replacement for the SE/BRAWL madcatz… **

do i need Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK or Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT? what does the SK meen?

That is vague, but ok. I didnt find any EU store with prices anywhere near US, HK or Japan stores. When you take into account various taxes, fees and transport time, online EU stores don’t look so bad. Put everything on paper and calculate expenses. I dont want to admit myslef how much I spent on my joysticks and they are pretty much homemade bare bones.

Sorry, I cant help you more.

Either model is fine.

‘SK’ simply means that it will come with a shaft cover and dust covers that have a larger hole.