Buying parts in Japan/Tokyo/Akihabara disctrict


My friend lives close to Tokyo/akihabara and is coming to visit soon but he dont know much about arcade parts and stuff so i was going to make alist for him BUT

do you guys know any stores that sell new sanwa/arcade parts stuff? like clear balltops/buttons etc? any stores and adrresses would be highly apprciated!

This is where I picked up my Sanwa buttons and balltops: Mak Japan.
Official website here :

Getting there is pretty easy. Just go out the Electric Town exit and head down the main road for about three blocks. It’s on the same side of the street as a UFJ Bank, and the store itself is on the fourth or fifth floor. The official website has a decent enough map; I’m terrible with kanji but I was able to get there without any real problems.

thx!! mailed him the link and instruktions :slight_smile: do you know if they have rare stuff like rainbowball, mesh balltop and those silver ones? :slight_smile:

I last went about four or five months ago. I didn’t see any of them, although to be fair, I wasn’t looking (didn’t know they existed at the time!) and I didn’t ask. They might have them by now, although the official site doesn’t list them.

If you walk a few blocks down on chuo-dori from mak you’ll see a building that has a big sign that says G-front. They also sell a lot of arcade parts and is a good alternative to mak.

thx guys =) i will tell him

I just wanted to mention that “disctrict” sounds super futuristic. Definitely some Tokyo-level shit!

Mak Japan is the place to go. If your friend can make it near Itabashi, you can probably just go to Sanwa directly.

can you get super rare stuff directly from sanwa as a normal consumer? :stuck_out_tongue: ur special… he’s not =P

thx for all the tips, i will make sure he checks out all the places :smiley: