Buying question and size question


Hey everyone,
there’s probably another question similar to this, but I did take the time to search and didn’t find anything.
Okay, so I want a SSF4 TE-S stick (preferably white, but I’d take black) for the Xbox 360 (I’ll take PS3 if it’s dual modded though). However, I can’t find anywhere online that has it without a ridiculous pricing. If anyone can link me to one, I’d appreciate it. Also, I noticed the SFxT Pro line stick is on sale for 100 dollars, is it the same size as the TS-S?


The parts and the electronics on the Pro and TE-S are identical.

The cases are roughly the same size, although I think the Pro is slightly bigger


Is there anywhere I can buy older sticks at a fair price? Not having much luck in the trading outlet and Amazon prices are just re-fucking-diculous.

I talked to the guys at the Q&A thread and after speaking with them, I think I’ll get a Round 1 or a Blazblue stick and just buy some TE-S side panels.


You aren’t going to find the hidden deals right away.
You have to change up your keywords for your searches on sites like Amazon or eBay. Don’t expect everything to be under “Mad Catz TE Round 1”.

Not all deals are there 24/7, come back and look again after a day or two.

On eBay, never bid early. Wait till the last minute to do your actual bidding.
On Amazon do not go by the Sticker price, check out the NEW and USED listing from individual buyers.
The Camera I wanted a Nikon D200 was listed at its original MSRP for $1,799.99. That what Amazon stickers first (as they never update this) now I check out the New and Used Listings.
Used the price drops to $250.00 . I picked up a New Chun Li TE-S for 150 (it was going for more than 200) and a Used Hrap-EX for $45 (going $175) because I know where and how to look.

Most of the ridiculous pricing is actually from the used category from 3rd party venders who are getting greedy.

Be open minded. You want a cheap Mad Catz TE do not be picky which Mad Catz TE it is.
The MLG and SoulCalibur sticks are right now going for $99. I think I saw only 1 USED SoulCalibur Xbox 360 stick for 90