Buying Sanwa Parts from HK - Ebay

Hi folks,

I was just browing around websites for some sanwa parts and came across this ebayer selling some sanwa parts at good prices situated in HK: - has anyone brought from this guy? He says their 100% authentic in his description but some things are too good to be true?? He has good feedbacks on the sanwa items, but it could be replica parts.

What you think?

i dont know this guy but to me those stuff are legits, the prices are more or less the same as the chinese market for original sanwa/seimitsu parts in mainland

check here:
and then: just write ?? on taobao so you can compare the prices

It looks legit to me…

General rule of thumb with me is to use ebay as a last resort. I do notice that gremlinsolutions (UK based) has six sanwa buttons, the same joystick and the 5pin wire for less than 1 more than this seller is selling for. I don’t know if you have to pay VAT or not though (I moved from Europe at an early age so I don’t know how VAT even really works lol), so I guess the real question is a bit of cash worth it for the security of mind?

fiol - I dont understand chinese, so I cant read what it says on that website.

PaperTigre - I compare the price for the same things - Joystick (w/ Cable), 8 push buttons, Octagon plate with delivery is around 56.00 - GremlinSolutions

As im a full time student… cash is limited, but if that buyer on ebay are selling sanwa replica’s I can just save up and wait… But some are saying it looks legit, so I might just take a punt at it?

but that ebay guy is selling 6 push buttons, not 8.
I’d still stick with GremlinSolutions since you know you are buying from a reputable seller.

well there are the prices in yuan so it’s not that difficult to understand what they are selling
ex. in the first link i post you, the seller sells: 1 sanwa jlf stick + 8 buttons for 229yuan

that s the price in china for a sanwa stick and 8 buttons, so the hk guy on ebay has legit prices

anyway have you ever heard of i bought for him two sticks and 14buttons, everything was fine and quick (i live in italy)

I gave him a PM, hes willing to give me two extra buttons for 3…

1x Sanwa Joystick JLF with harness
8x Sanwa OBSF-30 push buttons
1x Octagon Plate
Air mail delivery to UK, TOTAL = 36.00 not bad tbh… just under my budget zone :blush: