Buying SF3: 3rd strike Arcade cab...A or B version?


How do I know which version is the A version? The A version is the “true” 3rd strike right?


I believe rev. A should be the May 12, '99 version which is the competitive standard.


I think the B version is the one that has the Urien / Oro unblockables removed.


I know about B version having the unblockables removed. I’m no 3s master so I am wondering how to tell by looking at the board.

How do I know if it has a phoenix battery? If it doesn’t have phoenix battery, how do I get one/put one in?


I think if you finish Ryu with makoto with a neutral grab, the A board will reset/hang IIRC. I think this was fixed in the later revision.


Pick Urien and try to unblockable. Either that or pick ken and try to beat Makoto with a throw.


Could really use some help about phoenix battery. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I didnt even think the cps3 could be phoenix’d - but did a little search and…
This is from 2011 - but the last post in that thread seems doubtful… but…
thats dated March of 2013 - so wow…

If you wanted to get an indication of what to look for on the boards my suggestion is to reach out to the guy who found one of the exploits. - try there, maybe some light can be shed ?

Best of luck.


Seriously THANK YOU!!!


Well, you are welcome… share if you get success, and if not, i bet it’d be a decent story for your wall.


I’d buy that…


The mame thread is out of 64darksoft’s recent work. You asked right on the brink of CPS3 being phoenix-able. Darksoft is godlike and has been putting a lot of work into this project. I need to get a hold of a cps-3 board.


If you cant find one on Arcade Otaku, or similar forums, try local game warehouse/destributors… i got a phone number off an old Galaga/Pacman duo cab and they sold me several cps2 boards.

BMI gaming is a big name and their online chat is really helpful (and manned by real people usually)
You can always check with CoinOp, they carry alot of arcade HW.


Thanks for the tip Tru. Yeah, I tried all the “hobby” forums. I’ll try talking to local destros.