Buying SF3:3rd Strike for PS2


I’m looking at buying SF3: 3rd Strike for PS2, as I don’t have a DC and I want access to the training modes.

Only problem being, I live in New Zealand (hit me up if you are also) and all of the ones I can find online are ALL NTSC and I believe we’re PAL.

Hell, it’d be even nicer to get this;

Anyone know where I can get a copy?

They never released the pal version on PS2.

Well the anniversary collection on ps2 with 3rd strike is unfortunately only available in ntsc (as far as i know). The xbox one however you can get in pal, course that might not help you out to much if you don’t own a 360 etc.

You could try getting hold of a ntsc ps2, ebay or such like.

Theres a thread a few posts down about setting up a sort of fake training mode using nebula (cps3) and z-trainer. You use the trainer to give player 2 infinite health and can set the round timer to stop counting down, so player 2 becomes an invulnerable dummy to practice on, id probably give that a try.

(All credit to this thread)

No PAL PS2 version?

Epic fail.

Cheers for the emu thread, unfortunately that’s not the reason why I wanted a practice mode…

I wanted a practice mode for the option to set the dummy to do things (random block etc).

That’s frustrating.

Anyone know if theres a NTSC PS2 that uses 240v instead of 110v?

When you import a console you have to use a step down converter, pretty common in the import market. You’ll need one of 100watts or higher as the ps2 uses 100, and having more than the required is always a safe bet, in fact id highly recommend it.
Course you could always modchip your ps2 although due to kiwi laws im not failure with, im obliged to say; that could be illegal etc :sweat:

Yeah it sucks about no pal edition i guess we just missed the mark and ended up with it on xbox, i actually have it imported on ps2, you know a ntsc ps2 is worth its weight i found, GG accent core is only available in ntsc format too (as far as i know), unless you want it on the Wii in PAL…
So yeah never hurts to pick one up at the right price

edit oh yeah you could always find a friend on GGPO/2DF to be a spa partner or something, let them random block or attack to practice parry etc, worth a try m8

You can chip the ps2, or if you have the old big ps2 version you can buy swap magic. its cheap and no risk of destroying the ps2.

Yeah Swap magic seems like the best bet.

i got 6in1 street fighter discs for ps2 pm me

yeah man swap magic is your friend.

Just hit up trademe. There are some people selling the 3.6 version and the 3.8 version either one will do the trick.

I’ll send you a pm

Just dropped you a line…

Seems the swap magic for slim PS2 is hard to find on TradeMe >_<

Cheers everyone