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I am very aware of the input lag issue. Is there anything out there (LCD, LED) that is comparable to a CRT television. I have experienced first hand that tremendous effect that input lag has on your game.

very good link for those unaware of this issue.

the Alienware OptX 21.5" gaming monitor. Model AW2210

i checked out this thread: and cicada said the alienware tv was the best.

What inputs are you using? I read somewhere that you must use av cables or s-vid. ???

I can tell you first hand that this guy feels every little bit of input lag lol. It’s like the princess and the pea here (for those that remember the childhood fairy tales).

Anyways, the Asus VH236H monitor (most of that whole line really) has a 2ms response and input lag to match. The last time I saw a benchmark (stopwatch test), it claimed the monitor had about a 1.6-2ms delay and would sometimes spike to 16/17 ms. That’s usually a fraction of a frame and, at worst, 1 frame.

If you’re looking for a TV sized monitor, Panasonic’s IPS are generally known for being low lag TVs, but those still float around 1 frame.

hey dude, this is true… i feel input lag very sensitively. Also, the response time is not a true measurement of input lag. Here is a quote from one of the links in post 1: Though “response time” is measured in milliseconds, it isn’t a measurement of input lag. Response time refers to how long a pixel on the display takes to change colors; higher response times can be an indication that images will “ghost” or leave artifacts on the screen."

in a game that doesn’t utilize dial-up combos, this level of sensitivity is very relevant to high level play. When I read all the “whining” about input lag at evo, I couldn’t help but to have empathy. It is amazing to me how many players don’t even know about this issue. I personally know a greeeat player on the east coast who went to evo and confirmed that a lot of players talked about this. Also, a lot of players who were winning… so don’t mistake it as them justifying their loses.
Cicada also said" while it may be true, you still can’t please everyone.

the qualitative tests have shown that the monitors do not lag. If someone is used to playing on whatever 32-42-50" LCD they have at home [which may or may not lag – but i’m willing to bet on the fact that it does lag if it’s that large] – then coming to EVO and playing on a monitor that doesn’t lag is going to throw them off, wether it’s a CRT or not [and CRTs CAN lag]."*

I agree with this, it can work both ways. It is all about your muscle memory and timing you developed. if you want me to get into the neuro reasoning behind this… i will, I am a doctor with a focus on neurologic issues/learing/motor learning

anyways, im asking in a nutshell if a crt tv will ever have an equal in the lcd or led realm. If it does, I want to know what it is so I can fricken buy it.

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here is a link to Samsung CRTs

CRT TV - television | SAMSUNG

is it true that the digital noise reduction(DNR) will affect things?

lol, no one said response time and input lag were the same thing. I simply stated 2 separate specifications that are both, to a degree, relevant to shopping for a monitor/tv. I still recommend the Asus.

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