By Popular request. JoJo Pavement art!

Heres the JoJo picture you guys were asking to see. It got into a few of the local papers too. It was a fantastic festival. i love it when they l just go for it and draw whatever you like.

Too good, did you have an original or did you draw what you had in mind?

Man that was quick. I only just put it up. I sketched it out of my head mainly the pose and line work style and everything. I used some of the comics for reference for the card and some of the details etc…

When I was trying to nail the pose I had in mine I would strike the pose myself and imagine what it would look like. I must have looked like a dumbass poser to passers by :slight_smile:

Sorry about the blurry photo too. I took it late in the day so the shadows were getting long.

my God do hugo. please, i beg you, do Hugo

I haven’t played JoJo in a while, what characters are those? If you could, can you do an crossover SF one with Guile, Sean, E.Honda and Shin Kairi? That would look killer!

I’ve never done pavement art requests much really (Except when people pay me :slight_smile: ). A HUGE life size Hugo would be cool. Maybe an optical illusion one where it looks like the the punter has knocked him out. Hmmm… I’ve never tryed Hugo before. It’s also a good way to get rid of all my Pink chalk :wink:

It’s also winter here now. But maybe when I get to the US in a few months. (May ask to draw in my cousins school or something) And if I do them without busking it usually ain’t worth it. The materials cost ALOT of Dough. Maybe I’ll do a quick Hugo mock up and post it here. I’ve also started using him in 3rd strike. Good Times!

Edi E:
Your idea’s a good one too. We’ll have to see.

Thanks for the ideas guys :clap:

cool stuff, CptMunta (this & the Yun/Yang one)… were you the guy who posted up all those pavement art pics a while back? There was one with a well and people falling into it.