(By Request) A proposal to become better

By request:

Cliff notes:
When you lose, be outplayed.

Your execution is always under your control.

  1. RESEARCH your combos.
    . determine damage
    . determine dizzy factor
    . determine ease of execution

  2. RESEARCH your matchups.
    . know tactics for all opponents

  3. RESEARCH counter-characters
    . if you need to resort to counter-pick
    . make sure you’re able to

  4. PRACTICE rushdown tactics.
    . yes, even Necro can rushdown

  5. WATCH videos
    . pausing at any point in time
    . can you name all the possibilities
    . both characters have at their
    . disposal?

  6. TEACH your buddies
    . there’s a reason there’s a lack of
    . players out there
    . maybe one day he’ll be better than you
    . and he can return the favor

  7. DO combos from combo videos
    . never say “That’s for a combo vid only”

There are two aspects of all of competition. The things that are within your control, and the things that are not within your control.

The execution of others are out of your control. There will always be a guy out there who can do combo you cant, and there will always be a guy who can outfly you with Sentinel. Take every opportunity to challenge this individual again.

The tactics of others are out of your control. Sometimes youll find yourself playing footsy with a guy who can outsweep you every day of the week. Take every opportunity to challenge this individual again.

When you lose, be outplayed. There is no reason why you should ever lose for reasons relating to your own execution. “He did a dragon out of nowhere, and I wasn’t expecting it.” That’s being outplayed. “Man, I missed my combo at this point in the game, if I got it, he would’ve been dizzied, then I would’ve done a super, then I would’ve won.” Stop complaining. Go practice.

There’s an argument, “What if I can’t afford a stick?” Yo, man. That’s fine. That’ll be a problem of course. However, this doesn’t stop your mind from knowing the most damaging combos. This doesn’t stop you from having impeccable timing (“Your fourth hit is too early, that’s why your ROM combo doesn’t work.”)

A proposal to become better.

Your execution is always under your control. If youre fighting against someone whos remaining stationary, you should be able to complete 100% of your moves.

At all times, you should know all of your combos. You should know the most damaging combos you have. Are you capable of squeezing out every sliver of life from your opponent? Which does more damage, Kens strong fierce jab dragon combo, or Kens down fierce dragon fierce? Im not saying that you need to recite the numbers, but you do need to be able to think of these things on the fly. Comebacks come from nowhere, and the only type of comeback that is a non-threat is from the player that is walking away from the match because he just lost.

Do you know how much dizzy each of your combos do? Sometimes, getting someone dizzy first is the best way to get killing them.

Here is the one of the main reasons why I win against the people that I do: Do you know which of your combos are the easiest to execute? I know which combos are easier to do than others. I know which ones are flashy. Theres a Magneto player on these forums (forgot who it was), who never does a combo over 7 hits unless it involves a super. (He uses resets.) Nothing flashy. Just kill.

Are you familiar with all of the tactics you will encounter? In Third Strike, can you name all of the tactics that you need to know for your main character? I have anti-Hugo tactics with Ken / Yun / Chun Li / Dudley. What happens when youre playing and someone picks Twelve. I dont need anti-Twelve tactics! Twelve sucks! Youre wrong. You need every edge you can get. It is your fault for being ignorant on this front. No one commanded you not to study the matchup. No one removed your internet connection so that you cant look it up / ask for help.

Can you counter-character pick for every character in the game? Why not? In 3s, it is not as simple as picking Ken and hoping for the best. In Marvel, theres an article (by Viscant I believe) that I am not saying should be taken as gospel, but at least that guy spent time to think about the issue. You should do the same. SRK can be your sounding board.

When youre in a position of advantage, do you know how to press your advantage? Yes, some characters are more efficient in offense than others, but everyone can attack. At what point in time and / or location can you crossover / go high / go low / throw / call an assist?

You need to have the ability to pause a video of a matchup youre watching and be able to name all of the things that the players can do at that point in time. From that range, he can only do a sweep, a fireball, or a super. Im not sure if he can do a dragon from that anglehm



ironic, despite the fact i appreciate the sentiment, i can’t find the word ‘fun’ in there anywhere.

Wicked post, much appreciated.

How exactly is it ironic? And why should it even state the word “fun”?
If you like playing, then continue playing.

If your not having fun playing, then stop playing.

Somebody watched Jerry MacGuire.

The object of the proposal is to get better. If you don’t have fun getting better, why read the proposal?

I’d say a bit too much of emphasis on combos but all in all that’s damn true

There are plenty of combos that are for vids only, the flashy ones that don’t do much damage or waste too much meter or are easilly punishable. CvS2 Iori: Instead of comboing into hcb+k, comboing into qcb+px3 does more damage, stun, meter gain, and puts your opponent more into the corner if your not already there.

I’m sure thats happened to someone.

Good post. I never thought about pausing a match vid randomly and thinking about what each player could do.

I believe he meant effective, damaging combos that are simply hard to pull off, not combos that are less effective but flashy.

stuff like sak’s rh hurricane kick, st. jab (1 frame link), etc

since you play cvs2 that should be a good example

I don’t think that’s really a good idea seeing as it’ll only work on average 80% of the time on the default speed setting.

There is a reason some combos are considered for videos only, I don’t think this is really that unreasonable. While one shouldn’t simply never attempt difficult execution points, being realistic about your limits isn’t a bad thing.

SRK needs a match analysis thread. The community has literally hundreds of match vids available in some form or another, but I wonder how many people watching really understand.

Anyway, what is practical and what is impractical is determined by who…? Cyclops infinite in MvC2 is nice to be able to do. Or rather, WOULD be nice…Sentinel unfly combos and even the common Magneto infinite are hard at first, but are clearly worth knowing.

There are some combos that are worthless, definitely…linking crouching Strong into crouching Jab with Akuma probably won’t help you do anything. However, anything that does real damage or sets something up, you should be able to do…it will only give you more/better options.

As far as excecution…pretty much every time you screw up a combo, you’re robbing yourself (ex: any game with custom combos). Sometimes “it’s the joysticks,” but most of the time, it isn’t.

yeah but there are a few important one frame links that are worth going for a lot of times

anytime you hit a crossup mk with blanka with meter, you should go for that short short link. or empty low jump mixup, whatever.

im not saying go bas exhibition mode either like in that ts5 trailer haha

good job denjin…this is what has helped me alot is learning the facts of my game 3s…i think it’s fun knowing you have a chance against guys who use’t to beat the shit out of you b/c you worked hard at it…
yeah it’s not fun playing footsies if you still have the bad habits you developed when you first played…like jumping alot or trying to parry everything…that is what i use’t to do…but now that i have relearned things it is more fun to me…but that’s just my personality…i know some people just want to play by instinct, which you have to have…but learning is always best.

I honestly wonder how many players have even a idea as how to think like a top player. From my experience, a lot of players (including some really good ones) just learn some strats and tactics and just throw them up against their opponents. No concept of second or third or Nth level thinking, no work done on trying to read players effectively (explicitally; people may sublimitally pick up on opponent’s tells and adjust accordingly and never even know it), no idea what game theory dictates are optimal frequencies of moves in certain situtations.

I think he means that you should be doing some of these ‘difficult yet worthless’ combos for the sake of doing them. It’s a drill to help one’s execution; nothing more. If the combo is actually worth doing in a match for some reason, even better.

The swings in expeted damage between good and bad execution are mind-blowing, once you realize just how much you are robbing yourself in terms of both raw and implied damage. It can be depressing, actually. :expressionless:

Have you ever tried to search for anything specific on these forums? It’s ugly. I honestly think that one of the biggest failures of this community is not the dissemeniation of information, but the organization and categorization of it. Having all of the frame data and system minutae in the world is useless if you can not easily access it. The wiki will help with this in due time, but that is something that should have gone up five years ago.

…it’s work, plain and simple – and some people aren’t down for that, plain and simple. The $64,000 question is if this work is rewarding, in the end. Practicing some combo for 4-5 hours to improve one’s execution is not my idea of a fun time, but if the end result means that I would get more out of playing the game (by being to play at a higher level), then it’s worth the work. Anything worth doing in life does not come effortlessly.



While I think it’s a great idea, it’ll most likely fail the in the long run as it’d basically boil down to having posts that consisted of “lol that [insert character name here] player beasted.”

A good example of this is the Majestros Combo video + Commentary thread. He gave some great match analysises, but most of them were either a.) ignored or b.) criticized by people who didn’t have a clue.

nice thread. when your opponent is the one telling you “you choked” upon their victory, you know that it was all on you- -

ie, practice bitches?

I know I for one would really appreciate it. I think very very few people actually understand what they’re seeing when watching match vids (a lot more people think they do). The extent of most people’s advice on watching vids is “see what the players do and don’t do,” which is a gross oversimplification that doesn’t take into account most of the mind games going on. The most important element of SF is what you can’t see on the screen, and for new players to learn about that it requires people capable of it to explain what’s going on in videos.