"By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth!" The Doctor Strange Thread!

Unless it belonged to “The World Eater.”

Quick question I’ve been meaning to ask: Strange’s 7 Rings…can the opponent who threw the projectile X-Factor out of it and block the counter, or is it like a vortex leaving them stuck?

I probably already know the answer, but I just wanted to be sure…

Sounds like something for Max’s Q&A. I’m pretty sure the other guy’d be able to XFC block given the nature of projectile moves, and it doesn’t look like the 7 rings goes into a cutscene animation so I don’t really see a vortex happening.

if people are willing to burn XF just to kill Strange, then I suppose you could XFC the active frames of your beam super or something to block. regardless, it’s situational at best imo. Strange should have enough meter to DHC into a safe super as he’s already looking like a very good battery. lots of combo potential with this guy. gonna be fun to make hitstun deterioration your bitch, complete with Impact Bitch Slap relaunch loops.

is it to late to ask max a question?

he posts the Q&A videos on Wednesdays. I think you have until the 24th, tomorrow, to do so. the top comment on the Q&A submission video already covered what I want to know, anyway.

edit: well, shit. not anymore apparently. just some useless “HERPADERP, IS NEMESIS BETTAR THEN HULK OR SENTINAL?” and some comment complaining about PW being covered before Iron Fist and Vergil. guys look for that comment and thumb that shit up!

In the interest of having the UMvC3 character threads be as awesome as possible, I am posting here to offer up my current Ultimate Dormammu Thread as a base skeleton to anyone who intends to manage a character thread, or something similar, in Ultimate. It is currently stripped of information, and will remain so until about a week before release. I am not attempting to toot my own horn, but rather offer to others what took me quite a bit of work to do, so that those who would rather not spend the time on such things do not have to.

I have received a lot of compliments to-date about the structure, and a few people have requested permission to use its structure for UMvC3, so I thought I would go around and make the offer to others who might not be aware that someone out there has already done the grunt work for them (haha). Because I am posting this in all the character forums, and this is time consuming on its own, I have not taken the time to check for how developed the thread I am posting on current is. Thus, I ask that no one be offended at my suggestion if your character forum is well constituted already - I mean no intrusion upon your methodologies!

Here is a link to the thread blueprint:

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Highest Regards to All,

If it did work against Wesker, it’d put you in the perfect position to punish after it finishes. That’s assuming the illusion would put you right where Wesker started Phantom dance.

I think its a safe idea that it puts you directly behind wherever they are when you do the counter, which fo Maximum wesker is probably in the middle of the screen, which is bad.

I hope it DOES work and somebody chain counters it though, how epic would that be?

This raises another question.

How does illusion work on things that hit him from the air? Does he teleport up behind them in the air, or behind them on the ground?

from the videos i have seen it seems he just teleports on the ground behind them even when they attack him from the air.

I agree with Trish/Strange/Vergil with sick traps and combos off the ball of light with Vergil ah, man I can’t wait. >_< How do you do the OTG with Strange do you crumble them, and land the ball on the ground do a simple combo and blow it up with the same way you do the move or H version? I probably need to practice my teleport I suck at it lol xD.

Man, chaining illusions together would be supah smooth. Someone attacks while calling an assist? Illusion! The assist move comes in from behind? Illusion! Don’t make no sense, but it’d be so tight.

very nice. thanks Karst. I’ll be making the Ultimate thread for Dr. Strange when the game drops. will try to make it as comprehensive as possible so that more people can understand how the good doctor works. :smiley:

I suggest getting the bible the day it launches (1 week before the game) so you can get a big headstart by inputting all the frame data and what not… that’s my plan with Magneto :slight_smile:

I’m not too sure if they’ll be selling the bible where I live, so I might have to order it from Amazon or something… then again, the shipping cost is gonna murder my damn wallet lol. we’ll see though. hopefully someone on here or from Neogaf will be kind enough to post it up.

Does Illusion work on assists? I could imagine Strange countering a Dark Hole/Cold Star/Weasel Shot or some other such prolonged assists being quite painful… Who would’ve thought Strange performed for Birthdays? lolol

Wesker’s projectile counter works on assists AFAIK.

As long as his Illusion is projectile counter OK should be good to go.

I would prefer punishing assists with Vishanti though. my Strange play is probably gonna be a bit more on the defensive side so I wouldn’t risk getting tagged. Vishanti seems like an overall better option for punishing assists as it’s nearly risk free and should do >50% on them.

depends on if it works on projectiles at all :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can’t get it, let me know and I’ll give you the info.

I MAY be there at midnight waiting with all the Modern Warfags. Yes, I’m that excited for this game. If not, I’ll be there Tuesday afternoon.