By Your Powers Combined, I am Saturn Pad! (Maybe)

So, I was thinking. If the main complaint about the generic saturn pads are the shoddy parts and, if the molds used to make the shell and parts for the generic saturn pad are the same as actual saturn pads, couldn’t one just replace the face plate of the generic pad with an old Sega Saturn pad?

Your thoughts?

It works in theory. That is assuming the face plates of the knock off pads are the faulty parts, that the knock off controller parts match the originals.
Also that there no fault in the PCBs of the Knock off USB Sega Saturn pads.

Why use real parts to repair a generic pad that might be crap?

Seems like it should be the other way around. Putting a generic face, pad & buttons to restore an worn out official pad.

As a alternative keep the Real Sega Saturn pad default stock and get a converter built for console use.

FGW Converter Thread - Roll your own converters

I think the reason the pads are “crap” are because of the moving parts, not the PCB. That would be the point True Grave.

Being that the generic saturn pads going around are largely regarded to be crap, i’m inclined to think the PCB is part of it. Otherwise it would just be a case of some simple modding to make them worthwhile.

You would think that, but I haven’t heard of anyone trying. That’s why this thread is here.

Mainly because the last time someone posted a thread how they butchered a original Sega Saturn pad the was flamed for doing so.
And this was a Moderator who made the post too.

IIRC the knock-off Saturn USB pads have a nigh-on identical PCB to the original USB batch.
The only difference is probably in the activation of the triggers.

I have heard also that the knock-offs on trigger select instead of start on the PS3. I’m trying to confirm that though.

Hard to say, that is assuming there is only one manufacturer for the Knock off Saturn pads
From what I understand (and I can be wrong here) there are 2 camps for knock off Saturn pads, those who are approved by Sega, and those who are not.
“Those who are not” can be multiple manufacturers so its is hard to say with out someone to confirm this. I am almost tempted to grab a knock off saturn pad to see how they compare to my original and PS2 versions of the Sega Saturn pads

The actual plastic used in making the buttons and the dpad are too smooth and cheap of a plastic type compared to the original. Also the shoulder buttons aren’t molded exactly the same and the placement of the shoulder buttons actuators on the inside is slightly off as well. At least that was the case for my “Ugly gray knockoff, with buttons of every ugly color out there”. I personally don’t like how far down the dpad is on the pad. I think if it was higher and to the left more, it wold be perfection. Of course most people say it already is…