By Ysmir's Beard!~The Elder Scrolls Thread

I’d like to assume that amongst many of the FGC who accumulate here, that there exist a few Elder Scroll fans. This thread is dedicated to that few. If one already exists, then it does on some plane of Oblivion as it is far from any recent discussion. Converse what you will on any topic, glitches, favourite moments, progress or just the wide lore that covers the expanding series. I used to play as Argonians back in Morrowind though I quickly changed to Khajiits. Look how fuzzy they are!

Ahem…anyway, please ladies and gentlemen; discuss away. :cookie: :

Cat doesnt have an arrow through the knee, infact its an actual cat therefore not a true Elder Scrolls thread. :triumph:

Now that’s just cruel old friend. This cat has no intention of adventuring, just selling his wares. And skooma.

So we talking about ESO or Skyrim? Because Skyrim is the business…even with all those damn glitches & bugs :angry: