Byakko Soushouda Training

Date: Sundays 8am-2pm

Host:*** Zelos818 Please add this account if you want to join in on the fun.***

Requirements: Must main or alt Yang. You are allowed to use other characters during each session but make sure you play ibuki atleast once.

Chat Room: *Is where we will meet. You may use the room to start up anYang session if i am not there. It will be named ‘Byakko Training’ and the other ’ Soushouda training 2’. There will be 2 rooms to help out with our connections *

    • Don’t forget that in SSF4 you can invite a chat room to REPLAY CHANNEL, ENDLESS, TOURNAMENT & TEAM BATTLE*
  • It really makes inviting alot of people at once to something easy without them even being on your list. This is why joining the chat room is so important. (If you do not know how to do a full chat invite, go down to the invite button, click it and you will see an option that says invite from chat and it will send invites to everyone in the chat.)*

  • About Us: Our goal is to teach each other new things about Yang from frame data to match strategies. *

Contact Us:* Post on this thread or PM Shake3 here on SRK or on PSN: Zelos818*

  • Notes - For the highest quality experience it is advised that you use a bluetooth keyboard, full sized USB keyboard or microphone.*
  • Please don’t wait for me to sign in to get games going. **I won’t always be around. As long as people are in the chat room someone should start a lobby. If alot of people are i the chat room then go ahead and divide by region. I’d recommend playing Team Battle and Tournament mode with each other and/or randoms. Endless should be kept to 2-4 players max imo. ***
  • Try to save your replays! To save a match of two other people playing press select to ‘save reservation’ during their fight. It won’t save the replay unless you watch to the end. (Once i have my stuff ready to record, i will try to record some of your replay matches if you want me too.)*

** XBL Yang players?** - We are currently looking for someone who will be willing to make a Team Yang room for Xbl players.

***V*ideos - (Will be coming soon or if anyone records some of our matches an wants to put them here please do so.)

  • YouTube - *

  • I’ve been using yang for a few weeks and i’d like to learn what you all can do with yang.*

  • For this to work you need an invite to the chat room. *

  • I’ll be coming on on Sundays and I’ll host lobbies and invite everyone to the chat room.*

  • A chat room can hold 16 people.*

  • Please join the chat whenever you come online on Sundays.*

  • Don’t only play Endless. Team Battle and Tournament mode can be fun with 8 yang players. *

  • Examples: On tournament mode we can do yang only semi finals.*

  • Team Battle we can do Team Blue play yang and Team Red play their alt characters. *

  • I’m sure we can think of more mix ups later. Plus its always fun to leave a slot open for a random or two to join.*

  • The aim is to aid each other and challenge each other. Hopefully picking up bits of other people’s playstyles and having fun as we go along.*

Please sign up with your psn name (country, or part of the US so i know how to balance the connection)

Along with Learning Yang’s match-ups i would advise that when you sign up that you put down who you main or alt then we can all work on writing down match ups for the match up thread.

**Sign up format:**Devilstar22: Location: (US, East coast) Main/alt: Yang/Makoto

You should change the OP to say “Must main or alt Yang” instead of Ibuki :stuck_out_tongue:

PSN: rivalsx
XBL: r1vls (not until disc based comes out though)
Location: US, West coast
Main/alt: Yang/Rufus

I look forward to playing with you dudes.

PSN: SRK_Dustlooper
Location: US, East coast.
Main/Alt: Yang/Abel

Im gonna main Yang in AE but i have no experience with him so hopefully I could learn some things in the process.I need to hit training mode once AE drops. My Alt is Chun
PSN : Teknosiiz
Location : US, East Coast

I’ll be sure and play Ibuki at least once!
My main will always be Chun but gotta get my Yang up to speed so I’m all over this Sunday morning!
PSN: Rayartz
XBL: Rayartz
Location: Indiana

I’ll send a friend add to Zelos818

PSN: DrKingsley
Location: US, East coast.
Main/Alt: Yang/Fei-Long

I’m not exactly the best at this game, but I’d like to learn more and have some good matches.


PSN: Ashkente (for now, pondering a new handle)
Mains: Yang/Adon/Dan
Location: SoCal, baby!

glares at PSN, UPDATE ALREADY dammit!

PSN: Tye619
XBL: Tye132

Mains: Yang/Sagat
Location: Central Cali for now.

XBL: Saitsuofleaves2

Location: South Central PA

XBL: BurstZX23

Mains: Yang/Ibuki
Location: Riverside, Rhode Island

XBL: Tyeal
Mains: Sagat/Yang/Makoto
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Could really use the practice; Having the same trouble I had linking Yang’s combos/rekkas together…

PSN: Eddie13188
Main/Alts: Ken/Yang
Location: Norcal, Bay Area

I will be doing both yang and makoto i will main makoto though then still come back to help.

PSN: Quiksilver1209
XBox: Spidey Fingers

Main: Rose/ Yang

Location:Central Cali

Loc:New York City
PSN: Bloodyxhawk (might make a new one for AE)
Mains: Yang,Rose,Ken,Makoto

I wanna start learning Yang and also, his setups.

PSN: rewohsehtni
Loc: Houston, Tx
Mains: Yang Sakura

ready to learn some setups and all around improve my game!

PSN: cheesedoodles408
steam: cheesedoodles408 (for when pc comes out)
Location: Nor Cal
Main/alt: Yang/Balrog/Juri

Xbox: AnisakisSimplex
Loc: Pittsburgh, PA
Main/Alt: Yang/Adon
East Coast Only

Xbox: Botsu109
Loc: Stockton, CA
Main: Yang/Ibuki/Sagat