Bye Seattle

Hey dudes, well I’m officially moving tomorrow, I seriously must have delayed this move like 5 times now, first to hang with some of my long-time friends up here, then to make it to the last preppys, then NWM, I was gonna move on monday and now I ended up even dragging that out until mid-week…

I just felt like making a post saying that I’m seriously gonna miss all the dudes I’ve met and even the ones I haven’t. Maybe it’s really sad but I’ve wanted to be a part of the fighting game scene in some capacity for like 10 years but I’m always in some middle-of-nowhere place or broke as fuck and don’t know anyone who plays… Anyway finally up here I was able to put in work long enough to not only get way better at the games which is a personal achievement for me but also meet a lot of the dudes and let me say: ya’ll are dope. The scene has been the highlight of my year and 3 months I’ve been up here and lately it feels like its just picking up steam, despite the hopefully-not-forever closing of preppys.

Gonna miss making it out to hella late night fiend gatherings and what not. Especially saddening as I felt like I was getting to know some of you guys a lot better lately. But it’s all good; anyone who wants to play feel free to get at me on XBL and if anyone is ever in the LA area please let me know. I don’t really know where the fuck I’m gonna be at but I’ll be more than happy to put dudes up once I have a place or at least make it out for some drinks/games.

Now a small list of shoutouts -

Jared/Jalapno: Yo if you hadn’t put up your sessions I would have never been able to meet as many fools in a more chill environment and I really appreciate that + You’re mad cool man. Everyone thinks if you get your execution improved you will be a monster and I do too.

Emmanuel/Riki-oh: Good shit hanging with you man, hope it works out for you moving out or whatever. Get on aim sometime Ill send you some music;]

Paullee: Hey dude was nice to team up with you on more than one occasion, get xbox live!

Imperator Pat: Thanks for hosting sessions man, you’re cool dude too.

To everyone else: Good gaming with you. I wish I got to know some people better but this is just how it goes…

That’s always how it is though right as the swing of things get going, it’s time to go =[.

It was awesome playing you any chance I got (I think we are 1- 10 you hahaha). Have a safe trip down to LA, and if you see any cool Bison tricks don’t hoard em to yourself =D.

James, it has been an honor to lose $4 to you in tournaments at Jareds. Destroy some peeps for me down at Arcade Infinity. Have a great trip!

Good luck with your move man. It was great playing with you, and I’ll definately be hitting you up on live for some matches (ass whuppins :bgrin:).

I gotta get in on that too, you had some slick jams. I’ll hit you up more about the music programs and stuff too. You’re hella badass for giving me that keyboard, even if you were probably just gonna toss it or something. I had a hella good time practicing all day at your place, as evidenced by us all forgetting to eat. Finally learned to just low block everything and to stop reactively high blocking seismo for no reason and eating huge damage.

Have a safe trip, man! Glad we could play before you took off.

Good luck with your move, it’s a shame you’re leaving so soon. Great games while you were up here, I hope you keep playing you improved so much so fast.

Again, much fortune with your new surroundings. :china:

it was nice meeting you James! hope you go own with viper down in L.A.

viper crew forever!!

Have fun in LA! I love Louisiana. :smile:

Yeah man, I see you on XBL occasionally we should get some matches in… Also I think your team tourney shit is awesome and I’m like sooo sorry I can’t be part of it but I hope it goes really well.

Indeed! Keep Viper crew strong up here dude since Nolan decided to become a busta lol!

Haha. Hey big thanks to you too for opening up your home to anyone, Zach. I said whats up one time and played a few rounds of Marvel with you but introduced myself as James probably and it was like 4:30 in the morning.


Only a temporary busta, if there is such a thing.

Yeah James it is really too bad you gotta move now because I was really just getting to know you better. Although, LA is a place I do visit often and now that I have another friend down there it will influence me to visit soon :tup:

And remember, get that MF DOOM SPECIAL HERBS VOL. 0-9 CD you will love it!

James, it was a pleasure hanging out with you man. I think it’s safe to say you’ve been a pretty chill guy and a good friend. Hopefully the next time I’m in L.A. (for whatever reason), I’ll be giving you a call man, that’s a for sure thing. You better not change your number, and if you do, LET ME KNOW! I don’t want to walk off the plane and be like “Ima call James! … ‘The number you are calling has been diconnected, changed, or out of service.’ FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!”

:smiley: I hope I can get my execution down, right now I’m inconsistent but that will come over time. Hopefully by the next time we meet up man, we’ve both gone SSJ4 doing our Fusion Dances and pulling out the Golden Ape form of our former selves.

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip back home man, I only moved 8.5 miles away from my parents place, I can only imagine how home sick you might be after a 1,000+ mile move. If you meet any asian chicks down there, tell them to hold out for when I come down, I’ll let them become a part of me aka VIP!

P.S. Raiden is top tier in MK vs DCU, he’ll keep the skies clear of Thunderstorms on the flight back home.

You! [media=youtube]C96PIu6BWYI&fmt=22[/media]


Nice playing with you James, hope you get to visit us again.

Always nice playing you at the few gatherings you went to that I was at. Your Viper dominates my Fuerte. :expressionless: Maybe I’ll see you online or something, but it’ll be cool when you get back up here.

Good luck man, thanks for teaching me so much about the Viper match-up! Those XBL sessions we had were invaluable!!

Good to have you up here James for as long as we did. please represent NW down there and let em know how buff our vipers are hahah. It was fun playing you the few times I did at pats and I’m definately gonna miss having you around here for these tournaments dude. Good luck down there!

It was a pleasure to have met you james. one hell of a c.viper. wish you the best in LA. i will be sure to hit you up on XBL.

live long and prosper. good luck

just remember thai vega will never forget you sir haha don’t be a stranger yo!

Damn, sure gonna miss you Serious James. On the real though, you’re a cool dude too. Tear it up down there in LA and let 'em know what’s up with the NorthBEST. Keep in touch and don’t be a stranger. I’ll make sure to hit you up when I’m ever in the area.

Good gettin’ to meet/play with you, James! I feel like we had some back and forth matches on XBL, never a runaway lead. Haha, insanely good games, dude. Let’s get some more in sometime when you’re in LA and on XBL! Take it easy, man, and come visit the PNW!