BYOC opens when the tournament starts and ends, so do not run any tournaments after 11pm. If you do, you run the risk of having the power shut off of your tournament games without warning.

Start earlier if you are worried.

The more you know.

Mr. Cuellar:

Hello from some local Las Vegans! :smiley:

We hope that your preparations for this year’s EVO Finals are going smoothly. A few weeks ago, we submitted a message to you, Tom & Tony Cannon, and Seth Killian (via PM at both and regarding the viability of cabs at this year’s BYOC. Doubtless, the weeks leading up to the event have been hectic for you and your staff, so a delayed reply was not unexpected. While not looking to take this thread off-topic, we hoped your reminder regarding side tournies in the BYOC might allow us the opportunity to briefly give a “heads-up” regarding the aforementioned message.

We’re very interested in making our equipment available to assist a number of other BYOC regulars (by providing additional hardware for their side tournaments, or to provide the ability for continued casuals or “warm-ups” during such events). For example, Master Giby and Nocturnal plan to organize a Garou: Mark of the Wolves side tourney, and our first 2 home-built cabs (both equipped with 4-slot NEO-GEO MVS motherboards) might be of use to them:

Hamaba-chan Mk.I (at EVO 2007)

Hamaba-chan Mk.II (at EVO 2007)

We thought that our 2 new units (equipped with CAPCOM CPS-2 motherboards) might be useful to Dark Gaiden and Kajoq, in their respective Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Vampire Savior side tournament efforts:

The Twins

Finally, we have a few additional cabs available that we’ve brought to previous EVO events. We’ve used these to run a variety of obscure fighting game titles, much to the enjoyment of BYOC participants (many of whom had never had the opportunity to try these games before):

We thank you in advance for your time and consideration, and we wish you and your staff the best of luck as you make your final preparations for this year’s event. :smiley:


Will we be able to set up on Thursday morning?

No cabinets are allowed at Evo, without consent from myself or one of the Cannons.

Absolutely understood, sir. We had submitted a cab permissions inquiry to you and your staff via PM at both SRK and capcom-unity on July 9th. We assumed the approach of EVO was likely filling up both your “to-do” lists and your in-boxes, so we hoped this thread might not be an inappropriate venue to mention our previous message and our continued desire to possibly support some of the side tourney organizers with a few of our cabs. You can find the PM in either your SRK or capcom-unity in-boxes, dated July 9, with the header “Greetings (& a query) from Las Vegas’ arcade cabinet owners.”

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


How exactly does the BYOC Tournies work? First come first serve? How many setups are there?

A friend of mine wants to come with me to EVO but doesn’t play any fighting games other than the UFC games and he’d love to compete in the new UFC game and wants to set up something up for it.