BYOC CvS2 Single Match/Character Tourney! Friday @12pm!

That’s right. CvS2 side tourney!

How well do you REALLY know your character?

How many Sagat/Blanka’s will we see? How many A Sakura’s? Will Vega take a big drop?

I’m sure a select few counter characters will show up, Balrog, Mai, Nakoruru… etc.

I’m going with Chun Li. That’s my girl. I’m going to have to work hard against Vega/Cammy/Nakoruru, but that’s just how it is.

I wanna see some Guiles, Ryus, Eagles, in this tourney. You know who you are.

1 on 1, mano a mano, 2 of 3 rounds style!

5$ entry. 2 of 3 matches. 32 man cap. This is going to be held during tekken 5 semis… soo… i’m sure anyone who plays cvs2 will be free.

Money will be collected at the spot. Hoping to have 2-3 TV’s for this.


  1. Robin Palm (renegade) VA
  2. Pat Van Pelt (umthrfkr) VA
  3. Jason Harding (Rugal B) MD
  4. Carlos Bailey (doujinshi_2001) FL
  5. shinobi00
  6. Chaotic Blue
  7. Flash Metroid
  8. Dalipicard
  9. Aairic
  10. Sun City King

So far, of the people that have announced a character. We have 1 blanka, 1 chun, 1 Rolento, and 1 Chang.

Oh, can I get you guys’ real world name and maybe pm me some contact info? I don’t want to hunt bitches down come 12pm friday.

oooh shit put me down for this!

carlos bailey “doujinshi_2001” fl

how about running teams instead?

I’ll play in this.

Cuz… I don’t wanna run a team tourney. No one’s stopping you from running one.

This format hasn’t really been tried before. Should be cool. Record some matches, we may learn something.

Hopefully some of the japanese players will play.

im in on this. Chang will win this tourney!!!

SHIT I wish I was going to Evo still… I’d represent K-Yuri…

I’ll play.

Man! I wish I could go. Guile is one of my boys! You guys have fun for me!

hahaha, this is perfect for me, since i only know how to play one character. I’m in!

:slight_smile: im in

I’m down SUN CiTy KinG: Blanka

put me down on that bitch son


Hey guys. This tourney is tomorrow @ noon! So get hype! I’ll announce the tourney on the loudspeaker, and get as many people as possible to play. If there are alot of elite players (japanese, top americans, etc) I’d love to try to record it. It would be great for matchup study.

I’m in. I’ll support this shit to play with my old school XBL peepz in person.

BTW Robin, I’m coming in at around 10pm Las Vegas time. I believe I have your cell phone number on my cell (it’s like an 804 number) so I’ll probably be calling you to let you know that I’m at the hotel. C-ya there. :tup:

Whatever, ill play. C-Honda

…oh yeah, my name is Gene. I’ll be there, don’t worry bout hunting me down.

edit:… errr, i might be watching tekken finals. i’ll see. ill let you know…if i find you.

Put me down…for C-ken! >_<
my name is wepeel

yo take me outta this. my airline suddenly gayed out so I won’t be able to get into Vegas until 6 pst…

sorry im an idiot, I read the start time as midnight :loony:

And on a somewhat related note…what happened to all the CvS2 players after 6? There was literally no one playing casuals. Are people hiding out in their rooms with their home TVs or something? Who the heck sandbags in CvS2 anymore. Or did everyone become a tourist and go to the strip??? What happened? Very disappointing…

so on that note, I will be bringing a japanese ps2 with an import copy of cvs2 (no changes except for FINEST KO) over tomorrow…I hope we all play nice :smile:
Lets play some people around the world!