BYOC Garou MOTW Tourney

Alright guys, this is what we TENTATIVELY have so far:

Note: only the Japanese and International tourneys will feature
Japanese players, the rest are Non-Jap players.

Date: 8/13/05 (2nd day of evo)
Location: BYOC
Warm-Ups/Registration: 9am-1pm (HOPEFULLY)
Tourneys Times 1pm-?

Potentially 1-3 tourneys:

  1. Non-Jap (aka US… and others) Tourney: $5 entry
  2. Japanese Tourney: $5 entry (must have AT LEAST 3 players)
  3. International Tourney: $5 entry (there must be 6-8 players total: the top 3-4 Non-Jap players will face off with the top 3-4 Jap players)

Garou MOTW (Mark of the Wolves):

  1. Will be on DC (hopefully we’ll have 3 set-ups in the BYOC).
  2. This WILL be “dirty,” so default macros will be allowed!!
  3. Boss characters are allowed.
  4. You ARE allowed to switch characters after each game.
  5. Semis are best of 3 games, finals are best of 5.
  6. Soft ban on Terry’s stage (cuz of lag issues on the DC).
  7. TOP setting is at stock 1/3 health (1.25 damage) which can be set at beginning, middle or end.
  8. Bring your own fav controllers and convertors (otherwise you’ll be subject to whatever may or may not be on hand).

Tourney format:
If total players =/< 18:
There will be 1-3, 6-man Round-Robin Pools.
Each game will be 5, 60 sec rounds.
Winners of each pool will face off in an additional R-R to determine 1st-3rd place.

If total players > 18:
Tourney will become double elimination.
In the case of byes, these will be assigned randomly.
Games will be 3, 90 sec rounds.

Prize distribution may vary depending on turn outs (obvious case would be a turn out of 3 people as opposed to 10 or more). If there are > 10, it will be all or nothing (no 2nd or 3rd). With 10 or more, the prize distribution will be 70/15/5 (10 goes to overhead).

If for some reason you are not down with ANYTHING at all in this tourney (rules, console, etc), please DO NOT ENTER. This is merely an invite and NOT a comment thread. Should you want a tourney tailored more to your liking, it is suggested that you organize one on your own.

Btw, if anyone is actually down to play some Groove On Fight please let me know and I can port a Saturn set up for it. :wonder:

Keep Play’n. Peace

I’m hoping for more than 20 to show so we can have a big tourney for this game. Pot size doesn’t consern me, just as long as we can get a ton of good matches, and hoefully, some badass footage.

If you guys have any questions, just post them up in here, or pm me or Magaican.

This should be a good turn out for Garou this time around…it would be great to have at least 20 people showing for this. I can’t wait myself for all the tourney matches and casuals as well. Everyone take care and I’ll see you all at EVO…later.


umm, lets do this on the ps2 version
its out by then, might as well.
Unless there is some serious issue found between the release date of june 20th and evo.

Ill be grabbing the ps2 jap version on release day (since Ill be in tokyo and can walk to the store to get it flex /end bragging ) and let yall know how well it work with my amercian hd loader system. I saw some videos of the new twinkle star sprites they’re releasing as well, and it is sure as hell NOT an arcade port. rendered backgrounds and all. So, Im not sure how arcade perfect garou will be. But Ill let yall know what I find out.

And, umm, you’re allowing two button assigning??? Ack.

Edit: Oh, suggestion: Need to specify if changing TOP size is kosher. Personally, I say stick with the arcade 1/3 size only.

If the PS2 version is closer to the arcade version, we might use it, but the problem is we don’t have access to 3 JPN/Modded PS2’s, and we don’t know if we’ll be able to get a copy for each system.

Toodles, the T.O.P size will be at 1/3 of the life bar.

i’m down if someone lets me use their stick unless we do it on ps2 that is

I think there will be a few converters there, since most people’s sticks use PS2 plugs.

WTF This tourney is fucking broken.

1st. Use the FUCKING AES since there will be atleast 2 in there. Dont come with the BULLSHIT saiying. “the AES is not a common system, that people have access to” lets play like the real MEN and not with the MACROS configuration shit.

2nd. What in the fuck is that non-jap and jap players tourney. Shit at EVO everybody is just another fighter and if you are not ready to play with the best you might aswell stay home and play against the COM. Dont be scared to get you ass handed to. One tourney the closest to arcade perfect and everybody is in no matter what nacionality.

and Im still not feeling that boos shit and changing characters whenever you want and the top. If you are going to do this do it right on a neutral base for everyone, and you should worry more on making a great tourney even if it means limiting your self. I know you got the skill to win this with out making a BROKEN TOURNEY.

I’d prefer the home or MVS version, but please tell me where we would get 2-3 copies of the game on Neo home? I don’t have $600+ to buy the game from some dick who wants money, and I’m sure most of the anal collectors out there won’t lend us a copy since we’re actually going to play it. If I had the money, I’d be able to get some MVS versions of the game.

As for the AB button, if its on DC it doesn’t matter to me since we wouldn’t be able to catch some people using it if they were playing. I’m not a big fan of it, Id rather have it with no multi use button, but that won’t happen. As long as they don’t have a feint button, I’m good.

The character change doesn’t really matter since it’ll be 1 round against the person(except in the finals), and when you fight a new guy you can use a different character, but people who are wise will stick to the character they know how to use and are confident with.

Ans - Sorry man, but you are not running the show here, and in case no one’s told you… this is NOT quite a democracy (nor an Official portion of evo). A good number of US who ARE running this tourney have already had discussions and have come up with THIS format. Discussions will continue and rules MAY change by game day, but it is ME who will ultimately have the FINAL say (since I am the head of this tourney).

I know people have said that MOTW will be come’n out by evo on PS2, but here is my stance on it:

  1. This may be jap release only, and if so, it may not only be a pain to get, but it would also involve mod’n a PS2 to play it.
  2. Even if it DOES come out before evo, there is not all that much time to really tinker with the game.
  3. Money does NOT fall out of trees. So even if this will not be anywhere near as expensive as any neo-geo set up, it will still PALE in comparisson to the cost of setting this up on DCs.

As for AES or MVS, MG pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. Unless you are willing to provide 3 copies (which would probably cost in the neighborhood of AT LEAST $900 with JUST the games alone), this will not even be a consideration. With possible future console releases in America, things MAY change and the tourney may be on another console, perhaps even go PC… but NOT this year.

Now onto SLIGHTLY more controversial topics:

I. Macros - ah yes, the FEARED multi button.

  1. It would VERY hard for me and my crew to police EVERYBODY in MAKING SURE that no one used macros that were not already available by default in the game.
  2. This this is NOT official AND is on console. Being that this is, we will “experiment” with players being able to use SOME of the console perks which include macros.
  3. If you REALLY got what it takes, even a person who was theoretically able to program feints would not be able to take you out (I conceded to the committe on this cuz it was not a default macro). Personally, I don’t have a prob with it, but feint macros will NOT be allowed.

II. Character Changing… in the middle of a Round Robin?

Since you are playing people ONLY one game while moving thru the RR, this is really not an issue. Sure diehards who are more anal and official may complain… but too bad. :devil: The committe felt that we could allow the players to be a bit more liberal here.

III. Bosses… they’re legal… and they’re not over powering monsters with infinites and magical powers?

Come on now!!! For those who have ACTUALLY played this game “enough,” the SCARE behind the bosses is NOWHERE near justified. Just a refresher: we are NOT playing with some messed up emu version, there are NO known infinites going on here… esp with the bosses!

IV. 3 Tourneys in 1?

Fear the Japanese? Sure… I’m sure some do, but I’m not one of them. Yeah, I recognize that they’ll probably own on us, but I’m down to give it my best shot, just like I’m sure the peeps in my crew are (hey, you never). Still, the 3in1 tourney format of Non-Jap, Jap, and International was done for the following reasons:

  1. We can see who the theoretical best in the US is.
  2. We don’t even know if ANY japanese will show up or not, but hopefully they do and we might get to see who THEIR best is.
  3. We should STILL be able to see who is the best in the world because only the top players in the Non-Jap and Jap tourneys would advance to the International portion (which in theory would have happend anyways even if there was no Non-Jap and Jap only tourneys).

And now… where is the east? Where is NY at? Where is FL at?

Keep Play’n. Peace

I myself would prefer not to have the 1 button macro thing going either, but since I’m pretty used to playing people like that. Though I think 1 button faints are a little worse than 1 button breaks. Again I don’t really mind that fact either…if I know I can beat someone with that then I know I’m a better than that. Boss characters again are not broken in any way possible they are as balanced as the typical normal character in Garou. If anything Kevin should be banned ha…but even then he isn’t as scary as people think he is. Garou is all about skills and knowing the game and match ups pretty much like 3S. Any character has a chance of winning even if some characters seem way more over powered. I also dont mind playing on any version as far as DC, MVS, AES or even the PS2 one…though I haven’t tried the PS2 version yet. I’m sure that more than likely it will be just like the DC version, seeing how 2k2 came out on the PS2. If maybe we could get at least get 1 MVS or AES there with a copy of Garou that would be great. I myself can play on either versions of the game with no problems. So lets make this thing happen and not make it any harder than it already is to do. I really hope that people come out for this tourney even more than last year. It would really be great to show that the SNK community is still around in the US enough to have some comp. Alright guys take care.


You should easily run a 20 men tourney on ONE AES. Believe me that will resolve a lot of issues.

IMO, the AES is the best option. I think due to the numbers that only 2 AES systems would be required…its not like you cant handle 20-25 on each, I have been in tourneys with more numbers than that on one machine let alone two. I am sure that someone or some people will be able to donate either x 2 MOTW AES or perhaps even x 2 Phantom 1 convertors with the MVS cart of MOTW.

Anyway, it would be good if at least ONE tourney SNK related could be played on it’s proper hardware, it might actually encourage some more US domestic as well as international players to attend. (cough KOF 02 cough)

I think Magician’s main reason for not using the AES is the difficulty in obtaining multiple copies of MOTW. Heck… I think one copy will already be rather difficult to come across (short of buying it himself).

My bad, I should have come more anally correct as to say something more along the line of “the THEORETICAL top players in the world who MANAGED to get their asses on over to evo.” I shouldn’t have taken that for granted I’m terribly sorry. I don’t mean to take away from that player somewhere out in the world, all up in his little hut, who can do 100 hit combos in his sleep, never mind the fact that he has no hands or feet (I really don’t… I happen to think thatz quite amazing)! I was somehow under the false impression that people could actually tell that this did NOT literally mean that THE best players in ALL of the ENTIRE world would be showing up to evo JUST for THIS “unofficial” little tourney… you’ll just have to forgive me. I was just being “typical.” “…America… FUCK YEAH! …'bout to save the MOTHERFUCKING DAY YEAH!” How embarring indeed.

Sure, I’m still waiting on my ONE AES copy to come around… and I can KEEP waiting for it untill the end of days! The fact is, I see not ONE scap of a neo set up, AES or MVS in front of me. Yes, there are people with the game… controllers… adapters… consoles, but I am NOT one of them. The committee may have bits and pieces here and there, but we lack the single most important item: the CART! Hell, we lack damned near all of that stuff! Like I said before, unless you are willing to ACTUALLY donate (and I mean, NO strings attached, this INCLUDES bitching btw), I’m just not hearing it.

Try borrowing an AES copy for me OVER HERE some time… and if actually successful, PLEASE be accountable for all liablity attached to it… THAT and all the other goodies that you borrowed, which by the way would be WELL over $400 for just ONE set up (we WANT 3, but I GUESS a bare minimal 2 would be nice… since YOU say so). But don’t you cry when you were JUST ready to accept all that responsibility for all that good stuff that just never came. Don’t worry, people will understand. You can just call off the whole tourney RIGHT at the last minute. It’s not like this isn’t thrown every other day… just a block away or anything. Of COURSE they’ll be understanding! At least you won’t have to worry about the most well behaved of people on the planet handling expensive equipment that is NOT even your own. It’s not like you would be responsible for the sins of others (say like damage or theft to the equipment).

I agree with you. It WOULD be nice to have at least ONE tourney SNK related on the “proper hw.” But this is NOT an option… at least not THIS year… NOT in Garou (not with just around 2 months left and what I’ve seen so far… HERE of course). This is FAR more feasible with the MUCH more popular (not like Garou wasn’t already the most popular game… in the states :rolleyes: ) with KOF02. Ans SHOULD be making this happen… possibly with 2 AES set ups, but I don’t know… you’ll have to check with HIM on that. This Garou tourney will be run on DC THIS year.

Keep Play’n. Peace

Well about the Neo-geo systems there will be atleast 2 at the BYOC, so I think we can use one for the GAROU tourney. I think can get a copy of the game for AES no problem so how those that sound.

Also I have done a 30 men KOF TOURNEY on 1 AES 2/3 double elim, no problem. So 20 men GAROU tourney should be a piece of cake.


i really hope i am able to at least provide a NGBC board for the weekend…

Its getting hot in here.

XTG please stick to the subject. :xeye: