byoc section


I was wondering if there any official info on the byoc section. Will I be able to hold a side tournament there? If I have streaming equipment then could I use that .


I was going to ask the same general question I wanna host a cvs2 tournament and so I need to know if the evo staff will be supporting the same lcd or different ones and find a lagless solution.

Maka- If you wanna host a tourney for anything old gen let me know I got some equipment.


There will be lagless, LCD monitors and enough power to run them and 1 console per monitor. I think you’d have quite a bit of trouble streaming: assuming you can get the hotel wireless to work in the ballroom, it’s a shared connection and you’re unlikely to get any significant upstream bandwidth.

Also, please try to share in the BYOC. Thanks!


Anyone know if there will be byoc on sunday? I’m willing to pay the spectator fee if there is.


It wasn’t the lag on the LCD I was worried about it’s the lag between LCD+adapter+ps2= Lag… any chance you guys will have some tube tv’s or something?


Did you phase out the old CRTs? Confirmation of this would be appreciated, since those of us who play older games will need to make alternative arrangements. Thanks.


There will not be any CRTs. LCDs only.

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That is a shame. Thanks for the quick response though. Can we bring our own CRTs to use in the BYOC (as done in the past)?


There will be some CRT’s this year in the BYOC, but this is the last year we will have them. They are going to charity afterwards.


That’s great news, thanks!


BYOC area will be removed on Sunday.


Is the BYOC section still free and open to the public or will we need one of the passes to enter?


Friday & Saturday is still free, but sunday you need a pass.


Nothing is open sunday this year, its all seating.


will there be a byoc section in the stream room on finals sunday?


Not likely…


Maybe find some electrical outlets along the walls outside of the main ballroom and have side tournaments and casuals right there? Just don’t block any walkways.


That isnt allowed. Only gaming on Sunday will be the grand finals. If you want to play games, play in your room.


Well poop.