BYOC: Single-Player Game MMs

BYOC [or hotel]: Single-Player Game MMs

EDIT: These do not have to happen in BYOC. Whether you want to do these in BYOC or in a hotel doesn’t matter to me.

Like for Resident Evil 4: Mercaneries (or even the Shooting Gallery) and other games that track some form of scoring.

I’d easily throw down $100 for RE4 (PS2): Ada in Castle. I haven’t played the GC version but I’m willing to do a lesser MM (like no more than $25 for my first time) on it if no one challenges me on the PS2 version.

I’d also be willing to throw down some hefty money for Nightshade and GunValkyrie. (easily $100+ depending on the stage and char) I’m up for some decent money ($25-$50) on stuff in Devil May Cry 3 and Ninja Gaiden: Black. (never played standard Ninja Gaiden)

I’d put some big money ($75+) on a Scenario in Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 and perhaps $50+ for one in File #1.

We could also MM in a level in Metal Slug games. Although, both people playing at the same time would be much better than Single because then you get added fun of stealing kills and points. :rofl:

By the way, for these MMs, you don’t have to always play as the same char. There’s nothing wrong with using different chars if people can agree on it. I’m ok with it although it may change how much money I throw down. :tup: (it makes a huge difference in GunValkyrie, but not so much in the Outbreaks)

I hope to be at Evo East, but will definitely be at Evo World. If I miss East, I will be highly tempted to come to either West or North.

this is a fighting game tournament, not a place to hog tvs with non-fighters. evo already has probs with not enough casual TVs. if you want to do this, please do it in your hotel room.

Smash Bros. is not a fighting game. And last I heard, Evo is a “console game tourney”. (so everyone keeps saying) And plus the BYOC is not part of the tourney, therefor it doesn’t matter what the tourney is about as far as what people will do in BYOC.

Besides, there’s been other threads for stuff like freakin’ Tetris DS.

I have no problem bringing my own TV. I had already planned to do so. If there’s no room in BYOC, obviously this could be done in hotel rooms. It’s kinda a given that where these MMs happen doesn’t matter.

By the way, $100 MMs hardly seems like TV hogging. But rather, really good use of a TV.

Oh and by the way… from the official Evo site:

So I’ll be playing some RE4 and GV MMs in BYOC thank you very much. :wink:

You should have a Time Crisis tourny. That’s the game of kings right there.

I just hope there isn’t like 1 guy playing a game for like 5 hours and not letting anyone on like last year. That fool needed to get punched in the face so bad.

Trust me, I don’t want something like that to happen. That would be incredibly boring. For all the games I pointed out, there are lots of short levels.

I forgot to mention that ideally, I would like to have 2 consoles running at the same time. (or hell, even more) It would essentially turn a single-player game into a multiplayer game if both players began their game at the same time. And that might be pretty cool.

Again, if all else fails… I will gladly do these in the hotel.

Cape, I’m not familiar with Time Crisis. However, I have Virtua Cop 2 (had 1, but it broke) and 1 Lightgun for the Sega Saturn. I had VC1 mastered and VC2 mastered on the VC1-style scoring option.

I agree with dXp, what the hell is the point of using TVs to play non-fighting games and to money match on non-fighting games lol. It’s bad enough that SSBM is up at Evo when they could have reserved that spot for Alpha 3 or one of the newer fighting games. No offense SSBM players, I don’t mind SSBM but it’s not an arcade game.

jesus who the fuck goes to a fg tournament to play re4

take that shit to magfest, dun.

wow, deciding whose the best @ 1 player games. we used to make fun of kids like that when we were little. u know the kid who always said he go the high score in 1 player games but sucked ass in all other games. hrmmm?!? i must be missing something.

For evo, i’d say do it in a hotel room. I imagine TVs will be hard to come by in the casual area of a major fighting game tournament. Unless this gets a lot of hype and enough people actually want it there, leave the byoc room for fighting games. Its not like doing it in a hotel room would be a problem.

Oh, and I don’t play any of those games, but assuming they don’t suck I support this idea.

First off… I already said I’ll be bringing my own TV for these single-player MMs, so don’t bitch at me about taking up the BYOC TVs.

Now again people, I remind you of what the official Evo site says:

You all should be glad I am willing to do these in the hotel because the bottom line is that I don’t have to take these to a hotel.

You people seem to misunderstand what I’m trying to do. You think I want to take over the BYOC with this idea. I’m not. I’m going to spend most of my BYOC time playing money-matches and casuals in Virtua Fighter 5.

I just wanted to see if some people would be interested in this single-player game idea as well. Sorry for thinking creatively. I don’t expect this to get that big. And if it does, yes, I’ll take it to the hotel.

Because apparently Evo is actually a “console tournament”, not a fighting game tournament. I’ll view Evo as an actual fighting game tournament when they allow for use of the actual arcade versions of fighting games.

Who the fuck adds SSBM to a fighting game tournament line-up?

Or rather, again… I’m not coming to Evo just for RE4. But that doesn’t mean I can’t play it with some other RE4 fans who also happen to be at Evo.

That is the most pathetic attempt at an insult. And I’ve seen some really bad ones.

Just cause fighting games don’t display numbers, doesn’t mean there isn’t scoring.

In VF5, chars have 255 points of health. Each round, it’s a race to see who can score 255 points first. Same for all the other fighters. (obviously, the actual number of points to be scored is different) In the end, the winner is the one who scored the most points.

By the way, kids don’t bet $100.

And trying to argue that I suck at fighting games just cause I’m good at single-player games is just incredibly incredibly retarded. Don’t insult me cause you’re the one who doesn’t have the competence to be good at both.

Thank you for being a reasonable head among the bunch.

I plan to bring my own TV. (they let you do that, right?)

Again, I don’t plan for this to be that big, so I don’t want to run all the back to the hotel room every time I get a challenge. But if it starts to get populated, then sure I will take it here.

Maybe we can plan to do these in a hotel after Evo closes for the night. How long does the BYOC stay open?

fyi ssbm is a fighting game cause they fight in it

also no one cares if youre good at re4

The default and standard setting for health points in VF is 200 points.

Ahem, back on the topic. :chat:

Saturn Bomberman is popular with the ECC crowd and everyone I have shown Death Tank Zwei for SS loves it but those are multiplayer games with as much as 6-10 players.

I can’t honestly see any people at Evo care for ranking scores on games with a single player in mind. But if you don’t interfere with BYOC area, I don’t see a problem with it.

I have a friend that’s very interested in MM’s for anything RE.

… If this takes up any of BYOC tourney T.V.'s i will personally will walk up and turn that shit off.

How the fuck can you say its not a fighting game tourney when its been tagged as the " World Fighting Game Championships "! Get the fuck outta here with that bull shit.

Bring your own T.V. Fine… anything else Power Dooooooown!

I’m trying to be nice and not take advantage of how the Evo officials say we can play any game we want in BYOC. Because seriously, I wasn’t planning to spend that much time playing these games in BYOC and I was very much willing to play them in the hotel instead of BYOC.

But you people are really starting to piss me off. And it pisses me off even more when I’m nice and people react like fucking dickheads. If I decide to take over a BYOC TV with this idea, it’s only out of spite for how much you all are acting like little fuckheaded bitches.

By that “logic”, nearly every game is a fighting game.

Halo 2? Fighting game. GTA: San Andreas? Fighting game. The Incredibles? Fighting game.

I’ll stop now cause I’m sure you realize how much of a dumbass you are by now. Although I may be over-estimating things…

Cool. We can plan to play in the hotel if he’s not coming to Evo/BYOC.

Then I will personally fuck you up.

Seriously fuckhole, the people running Evo say we can play any game we want in BYOC… So honestly, if you have a problem with that, go talk to the fine gentlemen who run Evo. Their opinion > Your opinion.

Unless you got the money to run your own mass-level tourney, then shut the fuck up about what should and shouldn’t happen.

Where the fuck do you see that tag? Because the only tag I’ve seen is “Console Game Tourney”. And Super Battle Opera would be the “World Fighting Game Championships”, not Evo.

And again, the BYOC has absolutely nothing to do with the tourney. So even if Evo is officially a fighting game tourney, it has no effect on what goes down in BYOC.

Then I’ll have the Evo officials boot you out because they are allowing us to play any game we want.

But I could swear it was 255. At least in VF4:Evo.

Dude, I’d totally play some Death Tank Zwei with you! My Duke Nukem 3D for Saturn cracked many many moons ago…

I’m just looking for Evo attendees who also happen to like these games.

Obviously no one is coming just for this. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do this on the side anyway.

no i think halo is an fps, gta is a 3rd person action/adventure game and i didnt know there was an incredibles game

cause i mean in ssbm you have 2 to 4 characters fighting each other until only one person is left and theres strategy involved and stuff


ps good luck getting thrown out cause you punched a guy cause he turned off your tv youre my hero

pps i think youre very mature and level headed

this thread aint closed yet?