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**I am cross posting this from the EVO forums. I want to make sure that all the ST fans are aware of what is going down at EVO. Post as you would like but any Money Matches, team arangements or desire to join the $100 tourny post it in this thread.
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Post any money/grudge matches to be played on my cab. I will update this post with any that were accepted. I will not allow some of them to happen depending on time constraints.


I have finished building my new Back-2-Back cab.

Check here for updates on the cab as im finishing it.

No more changes will be made before EVO concerning my tournys.

Post any money/grudge matches to be played on my cab. I will update this post with any that were accepted. I will not allow some of them to happen depending on time constraints.

I will be bringing my new B-2-B 2k7 cab and the 2k5 cab to evo this year. I also have a mic hooked up to the 2k7 cab for comintary. I will be alowing almost anybody on the mic but i will kick some one off at any time if you suck or can only yell cus words or “Oh My godd!”. This will not turn into a FFA MvC2 ranbat. Unless dogface is on it then it can be an MvC2 ranbat.

Joe and I reserve the right to cut in at any time durring casual play.

I will only run one tourny at a time. So if Vic is doing a XvSF tourny there will be freeplay on my back2back cabinet.

Here is was is planed so far.
DogFace XvSF 2v2 tourny on 2k5 cab.
-Double Elim
-$10 entry
-Split to be decided later
-Standard 2v2 where each player has his own game

Vampire Savior tourny on 2k5 cab.
-$10 entry
-3/5 games
-double elim
-if SaBrE and I match up in the tourny we must put an extra $10 on the match.

3v3 ST $30 entry fee per team. 70/20/10 split - on back2back 2k7 cab.
-There will be no character restrictions on this. If a team of 3 O.Sagats want to go at it you are more then welcome.
-Double elim
-Characters must be decided for each player when you sign up for the tourny. There will be no character switching durring the tourny.
-I will not allow any one or two man teams to enter. You MUST have a full 3 man team.
-I will be very strict on when ppl are to play matches. Im not going to let the back2back cab go on all day with ppl missing matches. I will require cell phone #s of all players.
-If you dont have your full team when you are called to play you will have 5 min to round them up. If at the end of 5 min you cant find them you will have to play missing a member. NO EXCEPTIONS!
-Akuma is banned

Bacardi ST Masters tourny Round Robin 2/3. [COLOR=“Red”]$100 entry WINNER TAKE ALL! - on back2back 2k7 cab.[/COLOR]
-15 or less players will be in one pool. top two play off to decide the “Master”
-If there are more then 16 players it will be devided into two pools. Three players will advance to a final 3 man RoundRobin tourny.
—Top player from each pool will advance. The two players with the 2nd best record will play off for the third spot.
-if you cant afford it you shouldn’t be in it!
-Akuma is banned
*for this tourny only i will not DQ any players.
Confirmed Players
Afro Legends
Joe “Dont call me Zazza” Juria

Money Matches!!!
AfroLegends Vs Shirts first to 10 $100 ACCPETED!
CigarBoB vs dXp first to 5 $50 Accepted
CigarBoB vs dXp first to 5 for lunch Sim (me) vs DJ(dXp)
NKI vs. Bacardi’s Vega, 3/5, $20
NKI vs. Bacardi’s ??? 3/5, $20
NKI vs. CigarBoB’s Ken, 3/5, $20
NKI vs. CigarBoB’s Fei, 3/5, $20
NKI vs. zazaman’s Dic, 3/5, $20
NKI vs. zazaman’s Boxer, 3/5, $20
NKI vs. Bucktooth 3/5 $20
NKI vs. Apoc 3/5 $20
Apoc vs. Everybody - Terms undecided.
Gian Vs Graham Wolfe, amount, set, and character undecided
Gian Vs Alex Wolfe, amount, set, and character undecided
Gian Vs NKI, $20, 4/7, Chun Li
Gian Vs DreamTR, $20, 3/5, Dictator
Gian Vs Sirlin, $0 + honor, Claw, set undecided
Gian Vs Watson, amount, set, and character undecided
Gian Vs umbrellastyle, $20, 3/5, Claw
Gian Vs Bacardi, $20, 3/5, Pink T.Hawk
Gian Vs CigarBoB, $20, 3/5, Fei Long
Gian Vs CigarBoB, $20, 3/5, Ken
Gian Vs Shirts, $100, first to 10, O.Dhalsim
Gian Vs zazaman, $100, first to 5, Dictator
JeRon-Chun Vs NKI-Chun 3/5 $20
JeRon Vs Bacardi’s Claw 3/5 $20
Bucktooth vs DXP - undecided
Bucktooth vs JeRon - undecided
Bucktooth vs Apoc - undecided
Bucktooth vs Bacardi 3/5 $20
DXP vs Alex Wolf 3/5 $20 - Not accepted By Alex
DXP vs Grahm Wolf 3/5 $20 - Not accepted by Grahm

Vampire Savior MM’s

CigarBoB/Sabre Vs Jeron/Justin First to 5 for Dinner.

I also want to thank every for their kind words last year when I had to cancel .

Here is an example of what my recorded matches are going to be like.

I will be taking any donations of Cigars at EVO. If you do decide to bring me a cigar you will be allowed to cut inline on any cab for 2 hours. Check with me about what cigars I like. PM or ask in this thread. And bring a few for Joe “Dont call me Zazza” as well
Here is a short list of cigars we like.
Hoyo De Montery: Excalabur #1 Maduro
Puch Chateau L Double Maduro
La Gloria Cubana Series R Maduro
Also if someone brings me a Swisher Sweet, Phili Blunt or any thing you buy at Wal-Mart or the Quicky Mart you will be banned from my cabs for the whole weekend. I will then take the cigar and crush it in my hands and throw it at you.

very funny vids

lol @ the cat in the picture. =^.^=

Hay Neil Im not paying $100 for any comp fuck that, Take my name off !!!

Fuck off Giga you will be in it!

Updated first page with new cab info and a link to my thread in the Tech Forum.

Updated first post with new money mathces.

If all goes well this will turn out to be one of the greatest events at EVO.