BYOC Thread

What other games will be played in this area?
I know a lot of people will bring their stuff over,
but I would like to know a list of games.

Project Justice!!!

Garou will be there for sure.

you name it i will most likley have it

The return of the Renocrew #R machine.

I know There’ll be #Reload so…

GG1, Destrega, and SC1. :sweat:

This is assuming I go that is. >.>

I know someone wants my Akari in some Last Blade 2…

Yes… My Setsuna! :badboy:

:clap: :clap: :encore: :encore: :karate:

Ha I guess I’ll get some MotW practice in too…

I soooo hope I can go this year. Shit’ll be SICK.

Yea Garou for sure, would love to get in on some Last Blade 2 action myself. I’ll bring both games for the DC so if anyone is down for those lets play. Later.


SK will be bringing his many systems again. I have damn near every good fighter on DC, PS2, Saturn, and some other obscure shit.

I dunno if K-Force is coming to Vegas, so I don’t have native Neo support. I have my own system now, but if anyone can get some carts…

K-FORCE will defenetly be in the house.

Will there by any chance be any AES consoles for the SNK games?

What will most people play Garou on?

I am planning on having a little area for some rather obscure titles. So far he’s what I’m thinking:

Pocket Fighter. (Saturn)
Star Gladiator. (PSOne)
Twisted Metal 2. (PSOne)
Phantom Dust. (Xbox System Link)

Hell, maybe even some Advance Wars 2 on GBA.

More than likely it will be on the DC unless someone has a copy of Garou for the AES. Either way I can play on both so it’s fine by me also since not a lot of people have neogeo converters. Can’t wait to get in on some Garou at EVO…later.


Are you serious about AW2!? I’ll so take you on! :karate:

This evo, I’ll be busy on so many game It’s scary :wow:

So far (if all goes well) I’ll be taking people on in:

Mario Kart:DD
Pkmn LG(yeah you heard me!)
and now possibly AW2!

Man Evo will be an event to remember! :tup:

SK…im so fucking glad you’re coming this year…MOTO MVS Cart anyone? + consolised MVS?

AW2? Oh shit, I had always dreamed of playing someone other than my friends at that game. Funny though, I dont even have a GBA. Always played through Game Boy Player.

Being that this will be my first EVO, I have to ask. For the BYOC room, do we bring our own consoles? If so, i’d like to know so I can bring my GC for the AW2 games plus I have a PS2, and I think I can find my copies of GGXX, KoF2k2, and T5 if anyone wants either of those.