BYOC: WWE No Mercy tourney$$$/CvS2 Yama vs Yama

As always I’m undefeated in a Yamazaki vs Yamazaki in past evo’s ive taken out the “top”, yama players with ease so if someone else wants to step up to the plate or make a return plz do I like taking your money especially when its handed to me… LOL

As for wwe no mercy I’m accepting money matchs from anyone just list your price and rules

WWE no mercy money matchs*
Anytime just look for a No mercy or a cvs2 in byoc.

Fugee- 2/3 for 50$ and fatal four way 100$

GreaterForce- Fatal four way 100$

Falling Edge-$20 2/3 Singles Match - Hardcore, No Rope Break, No Interference
$15 30 Minute Iron Man Match - Hardcore, Rope Break, No Interference and Fatal Four way 100$

—KING OF THE RING Tournament Players—
-Entry fee 5$ winner takes pot -
Sign in on friday or show up at byoc 1 to 4 on saturday we will also being doing the fatal four way during this time winner gets 400$ dollars :wink: Don’t forget your memory packs.

Arena- royal rumble
Hardcore, pin,submission,TKO, no rope break, no DQ, no count out and interference is in unless someone wants it out, lets make shit interesting lol.

Falling Edge
Hokuto Shingo

UNDEFEATED CVS2 Yama vs Yama* Anytime

FlashMetroid 20$ a game
Laugh 20$ 2/3 games
KabukiMono for 10$
Justin wong 2/3 games for 30$ until either quits

Maybe dr.b might make a return
or who knows viscant might too???

UNDEFEATED CVS2 Dan Vs Dan Anytime

KabukiMono $10 2/3 games
Justin wong $10 2/3 games until either quits

Random Cvs2 matchs Anytime
Albertc - 20 bucks 2/3
snakkke - 30 bucks until one quits

I want more matchs, I have the best yama/dan in the US until proven wrong and learn something from your loss… bring it son!!!

…ill take that

Bradshaw in No Mercy…who wanna try their luck?

$10 or $20/match

ill hit you up for 20 and CAW’s are aloud so if you got one bring it… bring urself flash 20 a game :slight_smile:

yea im down

bet it! 2/3 $50

your on

nobody is seein AiRiC, but he knows he aint got nothin on me in NO MERCY

we should all just have a 4 player match everyone put in a hundred winner takes pot.

I’ll play you Yama vs =Yama for $10 and Dan vs Dan for 10 2/3 for both

:angel: agreed

you have me down dan vs dan for $20 I meant for $10, sorry for the confusion.

Damn that’s crazy you guys still play No Mercy. I used to play that shit all the time back in the day.

WTF! WWF No Mercy money matches or a tourney?!!?! King of the Ring baby!!!

Count me in!

How much do you wanna play for falling edge and what kind of match?

$20 2/3 Singles Match - Hardcore, No Rope Break, No Interference
$15 30 Minute Iron Man Match - Hardcore, Rope Break, No Interference

These AiRiC at Evo threads are like becomming a well known event. :smiley:

Damn homie brought out wwf No Mercy. Lol

Nobody seeing Bradshaw…period!

hell yea i brought it out… its a fighting game and its the top of its game wrestling games wise.

So do i have anymore takers or did you all just puss out to a pad player:karate: I was hoping to get a couple more fan favorites on the yama vs yama this year but i understand I dont wanna hurt your images anymore then i already did.

btw if anyone down for a 4 player game of no mercy a entry fee of 100$ winner takes pot just let me know.:wgrin: im down to play whatever no mercy match