Is there an area in the EVENT ROOM where you can bring your own console/tv to play casuals while you wait?


Yes. The Ballroom is basically all tv’s (both free play and an area reserved for tournament play).

Thanks Valaris,

Question though, is there way more than enough TV’s and console that I don’t need to bring some. Or would you recommend I bring my own tv/console?


Console is all on you. Evo provides the tv’s only if I remember correctly.
And I don’t know for the amount of TV’s. The past 2 years it seemed pretty ok, you never really waited all that much for a match but this year I don’t know. Evo is expecting a much higher turnout as well as the possible need for better televisions (lagless hi def and shit). So unfortunately I can’t answer that question.

Sounds good valaris,

However, I’m thinking about bring my 26" samsung lcd; you mind asking one of your friendly admins whether there’s a need for me to do so, or has there been a plentiful amount of televisions to go around.


I’m sure they have over 20 TV’s for free play. Evo has consoles for tournament use only.

I would just bring your games/consoles and show up early Friday and Saturday morning so you can be sure to setup a station. They do not allow monitors available for free play on Sunday, which is the day for finals.

Even if you can’t find a free TV set in the ballroom you should be able to play on your hotel room TV. That is what people do when the ballroom is closed.

I don’t know if the Rio has compatible TV’s in the rooms but my guess is Evo staff checked and verified that you can set them up. The last three locations I had no issues hooking up my systems.

P.S. I brought a 19" LCD to Evo last year and I never used it.