BYOT or Random Teams for next 3s Team Tournament?

here’s a poll for everyone to give me a good look at what you think should go down with tournaments

you can choose from different choices:
1)Random Teams 3v3 8pm EST Friday

2)BYOT (Bring Your Own Team) 3v3 8pm EST Friday

3)Random Teams 3v3 7pm EST Sunday

4)BYOT 3v3 7pm EST Sunday

5)BYOT (pre-registration)

6)BYOT (register on site)

  1. OTHER **(post your suggestion- maybe you dont want a team tournament and would prefer a mikado style tournament singles or teams) basically any tournament suggestion you would like just vote and post OR BYOT if possible, random team at last chance registrations (pre registration allowed) if Voting, POST is MANDATORY so i know what kind of tournament you ppl want

im also making the tournament to be at 7pm on sunday (if it happens) due to ppl having work the next day…and 3v3 team tournaments with double elim can take a WHILE so choose wisely

the last 2 are there because if ppl choose to BYOT then i dont want any problems with ppl not showing up even if they pre register or something but anyways go ahead and let me know what you think

D: Must be later than 7pm EST, I don’t get off work till 7pm EST D:<

Let’s try Sunday at midnight? :smiley:

ahem lol

nobody reads the fine print :rofl:

i would do it on sunday but it just cant be late cuz i would have to wakeup at like 7 the next morning and go with my father to work…i sleep in…i miss work…which would be a pain since i work for my father :shake:

I did read it! It also says “post suggestion” in most of the rest of your post, including the poll option i chose! Which says “Sunday with a different time (post suggestion)”

HOHUM winnar!

IMO the later the better; so Friday/Saturday late night. It’ll make it so it’s almost impossible to be late.

lol when i said that i meant it as in reference to"due to ppl having work the next day" haha “ALLLLRIGHT THATS COOL!!” :tup: :looney::rofl:

what about if we BYOT if you can, and if you cant then you get a random team?

hmm that sounds like a good idea…ill actually keep this in mind…you know what ill put this as a vote in the “other” section as well as leave it to voting if ppl want this tournament

Other- BYOT if possible, random team at last chance registrations (pre registration allowed)

just quoting myself on my idea…well thanks to erik for thinking it up (mostly his idea)…i might be using this format for the next tournament…ill make a tournament thread sometime this week with details